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Basic Tenerife guide if you want to experience more than a full English Tenerife sits around 150 miles from the coast of West Africa. The island is basically a Volcano, so not for the faint hearted, I would not want


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What Crete is like in October Well it’s very nice. Chania Old Town

Brochure Design Tips

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Brochure design tips for either print or digital applications Watch out for these 10 points below. Having worked for many of the worlds top companies I know. The biggest mistakes that are usually made during a brochure production are as

Southend City Sunset from high

Southend local tour

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Tour guide Southend on Sea area Visiting South East Essex? Tour Guide Southend on Sea area local who will give you an introduction to the area. Make your own itinerary with my help and my extensive local knowledge.  How it


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Berlin, an Interesting Place Steeped in German history with the most recent events clear to see and absorb. See the Berlin wall there is quite alot of it left and its painted with pieces from guest artists. The Jewish museums

Water Recycling Centre

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Water Recycling Centre in Northampton UK The Great Billing Advanced Digestion plant is the largest plant of its type in the UK, treating up to 38,500 TDS/year of sludge. Most sludge produced across the Anglian Water sewage treatment works is

Michael John Dunn UK artist

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Michael John Dunn UK artist Michael John Dunn was a UK artist with a BA, born in 1940 and he sadly passed away in 2011.  Daliesque art aficionado Artist & mariner Contemporary abstract artist Degree in Fine Art & Graphic

Ultrafine Water Filtration

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Ultrafine Water Filtration Bollfilter UK Case Study At an oil refinery situated in North Lincolnshire UK, the oil refinery utilises a process water ultrafine filtration system that is supplied and managed by Suez. The refinery infrastructure was upgraded to enable

Hepworth Case Study

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Hepworth Gallery Case Study The Hepworth Gallery is a busy UK tourist attraction and houses work of world-renowned artist Barbara Hepworth (1903-1975). Paintings and other delicate artworks require critical atmospheric management. The River Calder location provides an ideal renewable energy

Chalton Case Study

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Chalton Case Study BOLLFILTER protects Tertiary Treatment Plant from debris at sensitive wildlife site Anglian Water Chalton WRC installed a Tertiary Treatment Plant including the largest sand filter system in Europe, designed in response to a significant change in the