Marketing Communications

My marketing communications service is tailored to provide a key part of your company’s business publishing needs. Laurence Dunn is currently doing the Chartered Marketer CPD course under the strict supervision of the Chartered Institute of Marketing or CIM.

Design for print and print management marketing communications

Design for print and print management marketing communications

marketing communications for brands

Effective marketing communications that empower small, medium and large businesses to advance their brands. I do this as efficiently as possible and within budget. The integrated marketing communication brand strategies that I formulate in partnership with you are tailored exactly to your needs.

clear marketing communications

As marketing communications enables the selling of high value items, my experience enables clear thinking and drives what we do and how I do it. See my Testimonials.

segmentation of target markets is maintained by the following 3 factors

One, I’ve worked in every marketing communications channel you can imagine since 1988, it’s all in my CV. But as direct marketing is very strong for us one of our key areas of experience is mainly concerned with analytics and behavioural data. This data has to be processed very carefully to extract the information required based on the particular need at the time, such as user stories or advertising performance.

Two, data processing from information and the sourcing of new ideas. Data driven strategy is all about creating accurate segmentation from data-capture. There are key GDPR and e-Privacy rules dictated by EU data protection that I abide by.

Three, deliver outstanding creative work to inspire, stimulate, and produce an eclectic environment for what ever segmented group you are interacting with.

These 3 things tend to drive any marketing communications to enable the selling high values items which is your business strategy.

marketing communications means selling high values items

marketing communications selling high value items