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As a company or brand, part of your business to business marketing communications should be to enable the creation of newer stories. See my samples here, more up to date news stories. You could be seriously compromised if this is not the case. If most of your existing case studies are now 10 to 15 years old, then think hard and learn here why future problems could arise. By reading this following article first published by Laurence Dunn in 2021, you could save yourself some pain and heartache down the road. Read the full story here.


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Marketing communications project for Bollfilter in Germany

This was to decide on a revised Site Map for the brand website update and relaunch. Analysis of quantitative market research, internal network research and web traffic data from Google Analytics, was cross referenced by studies of global LinkedIn traffic from the preceding 2 year period. From these data sets, a revised taxonomy and a new site map was agreed, tested and developed.

The key learnings from the research data, was recognition that two areas of the website “Applications & Service” were missing. The Typo-3 website produced in 2013 was built around Bollfilter’s Products and Accessories. A basic carry over from the original 2001 website. In order to define what website content was actually required by external and internal users, many questions needed to be asked, along with studies of recorded actions.

The new “Applications & Service” sections were finally ready to be deployed. The programme of work to gain the necessary legal sign-offs and approvals, from this global company and their global clients, to allow full international publication online for marketing and commercial use was involved to say the least. See website here.

Another marketing communications project for Bollfilter in Germany

A global initiative to ensure “Bollfilter” brand awareness in social media would be maximised for the 2020s and beyond. A global project was set up to increase client and end user LinkedIn page followers for the brand across global markets, with a content plan. This was sub-divided into:
Germany or (DACH), North America, Nordics, UK & Ireland, France & the Francophone countries, Spanish & Portuguese speaking countries and the Rest of World.

Broadly speaking there were five objectives

• Gain as many client-side followers as possible (engineers & buyers).
• Gather information to enable the value scoring of LinkedIn posts.
• Study follower and user interaction on LinkedIn posts
• Quantify the future frequency of LinkedIn posting
• Decide on the most suitable kinds of content to use in future

The data from the LinkedIn pages gathered was used for subsequent global coordinated campaigns and local promotions. Also for 2020+,brand consolidation & brand awareness. To ensure “Bollfilter” was perceived to be the number one industrial filter brand in the world. These learnings would also be reflected in future brand marketing materials. LinkedIn followers increased by 150% over the 2 year period. See full story.


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