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Jeep tent on a camping ground or camp site

Once you’ve owned a few Jeeps, it becomes a habit that can’t be broken I had a Jeep tent it was a great addition, although I’ve pimped my Jeep quite a bit since this post.

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Jeep tent

Jeep tent

The Jeep tent is a great item for short camping trips for 3 to 5 days. Any more time than that would leave you craving more space and home comforts. The main attraction has to be that your Jeep becomes part of the equation like a camper van awning.

Jeep tent UK

Jeep tent attached to a WK Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005-2010 model

Having used this tent a few times, I can say that it’s quite easy to erect and attach. Allow around 2 hours unless you are of the; Bear Grylls or Ray Mears outdoors type of people. The tent withstood a very monsoon style heavy downpour, it has added roof protection.

Jeep tent

Jeep tent attached to a WK Jeep showing the inside accommodation

As you can see it’s quite compact and if you want to disengage your Jeep for some off-road excursion, that’s easy too. Just slip the connecting tunnel or sock off and then zip it all up.

You can get 2 camp beds or 3 at a squeeze in the tent, plus you have a double person space in the back of your Jeep WK or WH. The space is long enough for tall people to sleep in comfort.

Jeep tent WK inside UK

To see more details about my Jeep which is undergoing a major overhaul. Or here for running reports. Also here are some photos of a recent off roading week in France.

Kayak and bike on WK Jeep

Hydro blue jeep with kayak

Jeep tent

Jeep tent for kayaker

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