How to make a video for your product or service

B2B brand video service roadmap planning


It was proven at Bollfilter that YouTube videos are possible to be made in-house rather than paying the huge costs of a film studio. Videos can easily be shot in your factory or office and after a successful testing video, I can show you the pitfalls and shortfalls of filming in a working situation. The quality can be improved if environment is made cleaner and we can plan the project properly.

Roles and responsibilities

These need to be defined and agreed on day 1 as needed: To organise the dates and resources needed to make this all happen. To ensure that all the elements needed for the video as such as products, hardware, tools, software, people, lighting, sound, technical props, and other technical items are fully prepared for filming.

Why do we need a producer?

A producer will need to shadow the project and step in wherever needed to keep the project on track. They will help source any props, décor and ambience needed for the film set. Also they will organise video and sound recording equipment and ensure that the project documentation is updated, calling in additional resources if needed. You can video it yourself, I can can shoot it or a professional crew can be hired for the filming days.


We will make up a film set in a suitable area at your premises and bring in all the necessary elements to make it a practical days work. The designated filming days will take a few hours to set-up, shoot and then breakdown. So planning is the key. It will need to be a quiet day as it will cause a major disruption to the areas around the premises. We will need to warn people who are likely to visit us on the day that quiet is needed. Deliveries etc. background noise will be a problem as it means distraction for the actors and video crew. The alternative is to hire a photographic studio off site and ship the items to that location for the day.

Who will be acting?

Some of your movie-star staff maybe? Depending on who is available at the time, we may only need one person. (Unless you want more?). They need to be available for the days required for the project with their kit and all the items they use for the film. Look at what kit is needed these items need to be pre-cleaned. A voiceover team will be needed for any technical narration We would need male and female volunteers, we can run sound tests and see who sounds good. More than one voice could work.


We would need to decide on what is the best target date to book all the necessary needs. These include the availability of staff, use of premises. From this we can create a timing plan for the project. It maybe be better to film on the weekend or in the evening. A video project kick-off meeting to discuss this is crucial.

Props & Equipment needed

A sturdy plinth. We many need to source a plinth for the smaller equipment to be mounted on. This will be a kind of raised metal or wood framed box, clad in wood or white plastic sheets. There will need to be a  sturdy sheet timber top with mounting points drilled for health and safety reasons. Floors need to be spotless for filming. Other props. We can use the old exhibition stands panels as a backdrops and if necessary cover it in opaque PVC. Or do new graphics and attach them if PVC with Velcro or gaffers tape. Or if you have a good interior decor then that will be fine. A trolley for all the parts and tools that need to be taken out of shot or stored in a sage way while filming.

Video service for business

Laurence Dunn has got in-depth experience at producing videos.

Film day preparation

All staring products to be in a photographic condition. Flood lights for better lighting of inside parts which can be determined from a test video. We may have the need for getting right over the subjects to film from above. This could mean we need to improvise with ladders, drones or a crane. We need to have the cleanest overalls, tools, shoes, boots and gloves as they will stand out if they are less than spotless. We have to be on-brand, which in the UK means a clean industrial environment.

Script and content

Use the script or cue card for the screen play, the story boards and for the narration for the over-dubbed soundtrack. Story boards to show scene by scene breakdown of the video to ensure all the correct details are captured. This will form the main briefing document. Apart from total disassembly and re-assembly, some special are scenes maybe required which need to be pointed out in a brainstorm before we get the signed off final script.

Pre-filming inspection

As with all major events, we will need to check that we have everything on hand for filming and that it is in the required condition. It make sense to do this inspection around a week before we intend to film.

The filming day

Being filmed over a periods of many minutes is a fairly nerve racking experience for people so it may be best to minimize the people on set during filming to a skeleton crew. That will avoid loads of retakes due to unnecessary distractions.


Shooting the whole video in one hit will be the most efficient method of working and the story sections can be edited together in post-production. This will require consistency on the film set, or it will look odd. Fast forwarding for any repetitive action sections “Benny Hill style”, can be fun or we can slow the film down to match the soundtrack in post-production. Most of the sound will be created separately as a soundtrack overdubbed during post production.

Post production

The technical narration to be worded from the script and recorded in total silence in the meeting room via a voice recorder. We will use our sound studio for this to make a credible sound track which could involve music. Library music can be purchased from “Getty” at a sensible price. Stills and freeze frames can be created via the normal process of web and print artwork and can be attached to the storyboard briefing and divide the story sections if needed.

Realistic expectations

Video is far more complex than still images. So be aware of how much effort is required to make a video that has a good long life and look at lead times in months rather than days. Remember that videos generate huge web traffic thanks to the Google/Youtube link.