Why social media and how to use it


From a business networking point of view, this is it. See sample. This should be your main free newsfeed and blog via your company page. It’s where you network. Please think about the content you post – it’s not Facebook or Instagram! The analytics are the best. MiE are experts at this channel. Let others do your marketing for you for free!

Build your client list by 20 new clients per post. The cost per MiE new content post (as you see on the “Sample”) is around £150. Ask to see our sample analytics system, and see what we can do for your brand or company’s Social Media Marketing.

Linkedin Analytics converted into useable reports that people can quickly understand and act upon


This is your own TV station – a very powerful free tool. Many people under estimate its reach, especially for the US market.


A Facebook platform, but with people you don’t know, it’s for mobile users; a powerful tool for consumer marketing and public relations. The wild west of marketing, which still allows soft-porn to advertise things, need I say more…?


Twitter is a 140 character micro blog. This is where news happens – but it’s full of people with too much spare time! Avoid unless you are a media luvvie, a crank or maybe just a twit who cannot stop tweeting!


Facebook is a non-business social platform that generates business through awareness. Great for a hobby business. Great if you want to sell old toot. You can showboat photography skills here, as this feature is second to none, but unfortunately not very good on mobile phones. Many people just avoid this now anyway.


These are either QR codes or trackable Bitly Links and supplement your analytics.


Comes from your website.


Do use Social Media; don’t forget it’s now the biggest media channel.


It won’t without the housekeeping being done; see below.


You’ll get some because the systems are all either free or cheap compared to most other media channels.


Will my social media optimisation be handled only by you?
Yes we will do it as an admin for you.

How long will it take?
It’s not necessarily the time factor but what’s achieved in that time. However, I usually expect a media session to be between 15 – 30 minutes, allowing me sufficient time to change several significant features on your social media set-ups. I correct my mistakes at my own expense.

If my social media tools seem okay then why should I want to change them?
You will be surprised to know that by not checking your social media performance on a regular basis, you will not know if it’s achieving its aims. With my analytic data collection, we can identify your goals and implement them on session 1.

How soon can I get started? Right away.

Some basic terms and acronyms

ANDROID – a very popular mobile web platform that’s competing with Apple’s iPhone iOS system

BUSINESS HIERARCHY – a logical split of your departments, products and services

CPC – standard web advertising where you pay per click on your digital display advertisement

DOMAIN – place name which points to where your website is on a hosting server

HOSTING SERVER – where your webpages are based on the internet

IMPRESSIONS – how many times a page of content is presented to a viewer

LOAD TIME – how long it takes for a page on your website to appear fully on your device’s screen

META DATA – words that describe your business hierarchy

PANDA – something Google came up with to clean up the internet’s blocked arteries and remove the rubbish cluttering up the system

ROBOTS – things that work for search engines, like librarians searching the net for the most relevant information required by a human being

SEGMENTS – easily identifiable groups of items

STRATEGY – a long term plan

TACTICS – a short term plan

TAG – something that stands out and is picked up by search #hashtag engines

Enough about the truck...

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