Social Media and Your Business

What does Social Media mean?


Twitter is the biggest 140 character micro blog. Best to use it with LinkedIn for Social Media if you are targeting professionals. The 2 systems can connect.

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Facebook is a true non-business platform that generates business through awareness. This works best with a responsive website. This is where you showboat as the photography section is second to none.


Facebook for mobile users which allows soft porn, need I say more…


This should be your free newsfeed and blog via a company page. This is where you network. Please think about the content you post!


This is your own TV station.


These are either QR codes or trackable Bitly Links and supplement your analytics.


Comes from your website.


Do use Social Media, don’t forget it’s now the biggest media channel.


It won’t without the Housekeeping being done, see below.


You’ll get some because the systems are all either free or cheap compared toother media channels.

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What is a media session?
It’s the time we actually spend working on your social media optimisation.

Will my social media optimisation be handled only by you?
Yes, and no one else but our employees.

How long will a media session take?
It’s not necessarily the time factor but what’s achieved in that time. However, we usually expect the timing of a media session to be between 15 – 30 minutes, allowing us sufficient time to change several significant features on your social media set-ups. We correct our mistakes at our own expense.

If my social media tools seems okay then why should I want to change it?
You will be surprised to know that by not checking your social media performance on a regular basis, you will not know if it’s achieving its aims. With our analytic data collection, we can identify your goals and implement them on session 1.

How soon can I get started? Right away.

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Some basic acronyms

ANDROID – A very popular mobile web platform that’s competing with Apple’s iPhone.
BUSINESS HIERARCHY – a logical split of your departments, products and services.
CPC – standard web advertising where you pay per click on your digital display advertisement.
DOMAIN – the place name which points to where your website is on a hosting server.
HOSTING SERVER – where your webpages are based on the internet.
LOAD TIME – how long it takes for a page on your website to appear fully on your device’s screen.
META DATA – words that describe your business hierarchy.
PANDA – Something Google came up with to clean up the internet’s blocked arteries and remove the rubbish cluttering up the system.
ROBOT – these things work for search engines and they are like librarians searching the net for the most relevant information required by a human being.
SEGMENTS – easily identifiable groups of items.
STRATEGY – a long term plan.
TACTICS – a short term plan.
TAG – something that stands out and is picked up by search engines.