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See full history of previous projects. To see details of some recent marketing campaigns as project work samples please click the picture below to see my credentials.

The Regus project work samples of the website

Working with systems architects to build and deploy an ecommerce website. The website contained many social media marketing features within the basic Drupal template. The resulting success of the website was widely reported in the media and lead to Regus, the US group and global market leader, purchasing the UK “upstart ecommerce business” for around £65MM GBP in May 2013.

The project involved working with MBA Maher Bird Associates, who were the creative agency. The co-ordination of the website build was carried out by Blue Leaf.

Brand identity redesign was included, with a very tight deadline to ensure key milestones and deliverables were met and project objectives were implemented. SEO preparation, content migration and creation workflows.

Co-ordination of the web publishing teams, SEO and PPC partners, the Marcomms team, brand, and product stakeholders was carried out by professional marketing contractor Laurence Dunn.

The online planning co-ordination all website keyword and meta data content, dynamic rich media as well as SEO content strategy, legacy content and new creative content streams from agencies and internal suppliers were also carried out by Laurence Dunn. His tools included Experian Hitwise, Google Analytics and other automated datacapture methods.

Standard Life project work samples – they like to do things properly

Standard Life like to do things properly, so take a look at the project work samples of the website where key team member Laurence Dunn spent November 2010 to February 2011, stepping in as a specialist Project Manager, helping with the deployment of the new Intermediary Extranet “Adviserzone” for this financial services giant. Andy Pittaway ran the project for IBM.

The snow and transport problems caused many challenges for members of the secure on-site development team in Edinburgh. But whatever the weather issues, their agile team members from, Bulgaria, Belgium, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bradford and many other far flung places; were never off course during November and December 2010, with outside temperatures falling to -20 Celsius in the central lowlands of Scotland.

The contract Laurence was hired for centred around the coordination of five key groups of stakeholders, both technical IT and business BAU. For day-to-day project work, samples of images were required for Standard Life Management to approve for the roll out of release 1. IBM Project Team, Standard Life Marketing Teams, Standard Life Sales Teams and Standard Life Brand Management were the key groups.

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