Photography planning

In a nutshell

  • Would you like to have photography that you can use for marketing?
  • Do you understand the scope of the GDPR rules that the UK has adopted?
  • Are you able to book a photographer 2 weeks in advance of the shoot?
  • Some shoots we’ve carried out.

Roles and responsibilities

These need to be defined and agreed on day 1 to organise the dates and resources needed to make this all happen and to ensure that all the elements needed for the photoshoot as such as; permissions, products, hardware, tools, software, people, lighting, sound, technical props, and other technical items are fully prepared for the shoot.

One of the most crucial things is to ensure that any photoshoot participants are warned well in advance, that you may want to use your photography of their faces for the future marketing of your organisation. For this a release document needs to be signed. You have now become a data controller.

Why do we need a Producer?

A producer will need to shadow the project and step in wherever needed to keep the project on track. They will help source any props, d├ęcor and ambience needed for the film set. Also they will organise equipment and ensure that the GDPR compliant project documentation prepared, calling in additional resources if needed.

Why do we need an Art Director?

An art director will need to direct the shots and step in wherever needed to keep the brand concept and messaging brief on track. Inside the scope of agreed work. They will also ensure the individual shots are on brand. They will be on hand for client concerns or brief changes if needed to allow for agile shot changes.

Timeline and scope of work

We would need to decide on what is the best target date to book all that’s necessary. That includes availability of staff, equipment and use of premises. From this we can create a timing plan and statement of work for the project.

Pre-photography inspection

As with all planned events, we will need a recce to check that we have everything on hand for filming and that all items are in the required condition for the shoot. We’ll also provide an up to date risk assessment. It makes sense to do this inspection around a week before we intend to film.

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