Industrial Equipment Direct Marketing Email

A system which is cost effective

Challenge:  An industrial equipment direct-marketing, email-marketing solution was required that was possible to use at minimal cost.

Solution:  I found Mailing Manager at £15 per month to be the best solution in 2017. A previously specified custom built solution using Acyba in 2013 was an expensive time consuming system. Both however actually worked. Contact me for the full details of how each system compared.

The ideal platform for Industrial equipment direct marketing email

Analytics are all provided free from; Acyba, Createsend, Mailing Manager, couple this with Bitly and Google Analytics. A low volume solution for mailings of up to 20,000 emails per month.

Results: For the first time the company was able to get a real idea of what emailed prospects are interested in via analytics that could be shared after an emailing campaign. This in turn is linked to the main website – an ongoing scalable solution with new content on hand from the website.

The future is based on keeping in touch

Industrial equipment customers need to be reminded that you’re here. With the sheer weight of pressure of work, news, distractions, social media and other commitments it’s a wonder how anyone has time to do anything. But you have to always make time for this crucial aspect or CRM or customer relationship marketing. You also need to make time to keep in contact with your customers and keep them informed about your latest products and services.

The past

This used to be done by running industrial equipment press adverts, writing news articles for the media, a friendly visit to see the customers at their offices or worksites or by inviting customers to our exhibition stand once a year. Times have changed with new technology. We now all Skype, message, email or chat via social media far more. This has opened many more possibilities.

This is not spamming

It’s only natural that we utilise these modern communication methods to help the industrial equipment company and “keep in touch!” One method you can use in the UK is bulk email targeted to specific groups with a tailored message. This is not SPAM or “Unsolicited Commercial Email” which is of course illegal under the data protection acts of 1998 and GDPR – PECR in 2018.

Responsible use of opted-in customers data

Permisson marketing emails are only sent to “opted-in” customers who have elected to receive your communications and updates.  A special cloud based web system that enables this to happen in html format. So what you send is displayed as a full colour webpage with text, photos and hyperlinks. Carefully positioned and easy to understand.


You are then able to study the interaction and see who looked at what. You have now been able to “touch” a group of several hundred customers in one go. Next you can study the results or “analytics” of the mailing. You can now see what the individual customers are interested in. This helps facilitate follow ups by the sales team, who are now fully armed with some subjects to discuss with the customer. From the analytics documents produced, you can also refine your future messages for more relevant information for your customers.

Laurence Dunn