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WK Heated Seat Button Repair

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK Heated Seat Button for the 2005 2006 2007 2008 switch units on the lower center console. Mopar part numbers; 56010655AE, 56050137AE, 56010658AE or 56050152AD, WH Export SRT8, XK or XH Jeep Commander. Switch console repair kit for worn peeling buttons. Heated Seat Buttons, Park Assist Buttons, Traction Control Buttons, ESP buttons, MDS On/Off and Tow Haul Buttons. Repair Sticker Set Fits Jeep Grand Cherokee or Commander. Easy repair for Jeep Commander 2006 2007 2008 56010655AE, 56050137AE, 56010658AE or 56050152AD Repair Kit. Buy one from here!


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Switch console repair. Tough Laminated Plastic Stickers from the UK. I’ve shipped these all over the world.

What you’ll receive with a WK Heated Seat Button repair kit

  • Will send you 2 sets of 6 buttons for this price, a spare sheet just in case.
  • Do the top and bottom cuts on the 1st set for you.
  • Cut out backlight apertures on the Heated Seat and Park Assist buttons on this 1st set.
WK Heated Seat Button

Mopar part 56010655AE 56050152AD 56010658AE WK XK Jeep Grand Cherokee Commander 2005 2006 2007 2008 Heated Seat, Park, Traction Tow Haul

I’ll pre-cut the shape of the switch for you

For the WK 2005 2006 2007 models. This is a quick fix and will take 10 minutes and save some hard earned cash. Fits the 2 Jeeps the XH, XK, Commander or WH, WK Grand Cherokee Mk3 Jeep Grand Cherokee tow haul, traction control, heated seat, park assist SWITCH PANEL. These 15 year old OEM parts are virtually impossible to buy these days, so repair kits are becoming the only viable option for WK owners.

WK Heated Seat Button Repair

Mopar part 56010655AE 56050152AD 56010658AE

The video

I’ve made a short Video which shows you how to do this, but as installations may be slightly different, you will just see how I did it in my own Jeep.


WK Heated Seat Button
The part when removed
WK Heated Seat Button Repair
The warning lights still work after the repair

WK Heated Seat Button Repair, Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005

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