Data Controller

The company Laurence Dunn Limited, trading as Laurence Dunn MCIM, MiE or Marketing in Essex is ICO Registered as a UK Data Controller. Licence number: ZA729536. So, any market research in normal circumstances relies on supplying market research to clients with fully randomised data. To protect the identity of participants. A normal size data selection would be around 100 willing participants. This will give you 100 face to face interview responses. (As filled-in forms rather than video and sound recordings). The importance of case studies.

Consumer Market Research Experience

I’m with good business to business market research and consumer retail market research experience, like this for: EE Retail Branches (100 Mobile phone shops in UK high streets in Essex, Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, London, East Sussex.) Where I studied individual branches for their quality and their ability to set up their shop displays for successful retail. Then the collation of the findings over a 1-year period. Also, for: Shell Downstream Retail (250 Petrol forecourt shops in the Netherlands). Where we studied the same thing as EE, with site visits all around the country. Then regular presentations of this information to Shell Netherlands head office. This was carried out over 3 years.

Market Research Data Presentation 

The results are collated into a main summary PowerPoint Doc. Full previous samples cannot be provided due to GDPR rules and past clients non-disclosure-agreements. Not to mention sensitive information and client confidentiality. I can provide you with samples but with all the sensitive information deleted. Then Word Docs or Excel for all the individual questionnaires can be fed into one large report. This information can be presented as graphs if necessary. Plus, the raw Excel or CSV sheets for future actions to spot trends on with small groups of people. I can help and review or develop the questionnaire you require for the market research.

B2B Market Research for Business Strategy

Also I have B2B market research experience with Industrial Filtration which covers many industries. This has been gained over 8 years. Here are some case studies that show the depth of experience.

Random Points of Interest

When I carried out some work for Altavia for Shell Downstream Retail back in 2006/7, most of my travel was in a Ford Mustang. Being left-hand drive and returning around 34mpg on this kind of channel tunnel type roadtrip, it was the ideal transport method for the task in hand.

Fast forward to 2017/18 and working for Infinite Group for EE Mobile Phone Retail. The need to go from shop to shop in quick succession required a versatile choice of transport. London of course meant the Oyster card with a £11 daily cap. That kept the metropolitan travel costs to a minimum. Country visits meant me using an Alternative Fuel Jeep, as some of the weather and bad UK roads encountered were both challenging. LPG is a environmentally responsible fuel costing only 79p a litre. With the FillLPG app pinpointing my fuel stops, the fuel tank never ran dry. I can also do this locally as either a tour guide or a historian.

Laurence Dunn MCIM

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