What is marketing strategy to a company?

Many companies in the UK do not have a global marketing strategy! Or much of a clue about marketing at all. For this reason we write marketing strategies. Using a well-researched marketing strategy will see sales increase and brand value added, as those two form the rules for all business activity.

MiE wrote a marketing strategy for a the UK office of a machinery client of ours in Essex. https://www.bollfilter.com

A common mistake is your marketing may only focus on 10 market segments of the UK market or one fifth of your potential market. A new marketing strategy will make sure that the company would move to engage with customers and prospects in up to 50 or more “Application Focused” market segments.

Having a consistent customer engagement programme, which includes social media is profitable and means that UK Sales can increase by 7% a year, an increase of 56% over 8 years which is above inflation.

With a marketing strategy any marketing to “Application Focused” market segments is far easier and can be done in a far more structured way. The increased potential market size for the company that can and will be approached to help develop future sales for 2021 and beyond.

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