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Ford Bullitt Mustang SN95 New Edge 2001 model

A Ford Bullitt Mustang SN95 New Edge 2001 model. I imported it from Tampa, Florida during late 2005. I was surfing the net one evening, saw it on Autotrader in the USA and decided it was a good buy. This car was a blast to drive.

Which model and what car club should I join?

Now if you fancy being like Steve McQueen in a 1968 original they’ll cost you £70,000, too much? Maybe go for the New Edge 2001 SN95 Classic Bullitt at around £12,000 for a high mileage car. You only have 4 versions to choose from and the best in my view is the 2008 & 2009 models based on the S197 Mustang, they’ll cost you around £17,000. If you have a load more money, like a spare £44,000 in the bank, get the 460 horsepower 2019 & 2020 S550 late model cars, even available in right-hand drive!

Get your car on the fan club registery. The club you should join is the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club or Imboc.

Private number plate

Back in 2008 the UK’s DVLA provided me with a private registration number L8 TBB.  What does this mean in a coded message? Late True Blue Bullitt.

Bullitt 2001 at Santa Pod

At Santa Pod Raceway in the UK


Bullitt 2001 front seats

Retro 2001 Bullitt seats


Bullitt 2001 in Leigh

Laurence Dunn proud owner of 2001 Bullitt Mustang in 2008


Bullitt from the rear

Bullitt from the rear in Leigh-on-Sea


Bullitt with me at work

Bullitt with me at work when I was driving all around the Netherlands checking Shell forecourt displays


Bullitt with me at work when I was driving all around the Netherlands checking Shell forecourt displays

Bullitt on a road trip in the Netherlands


From Autotrader USA in 2005 and docks to my house

Bullitt 2001 on Steve McQueen’s birthday at Santa Pod

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