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Marketing in 300 words you learn in 5 minutes

Marketing in 300 words, a page for people to learn marketing in under 5 minutes, so marketing boils down to the coordination of four key functions apart from the importance of case studies.

  • Communication
  • Sales support
  • Knowing what’s happening
  • Studying interaction

Providing the breadcrumbs and touch points for the sales team to increase their sales, be successful, no smoke and mirrors, just information.


Communications flow between websites, social media, branding, advertising, email, events, meeting customers and sharing information. Subsequently your business messages or communications are spread via these eight methods. All eight link together to form cascading messages from email or advertising, directed to a website, a social media platform or just passed on as a verbal message or speech, which is by far the most important medium or channel.

Communications encourage a person to become part of an activity or event by presenting them with options. Purchase path or research via shops, training sessions, your showroom, discussions online or just a gathering. Dither and you’ll miss the opportunity to someone more dynamic.

Sales support

Marketing and sales are not the same thing; marketing supports and enables sales. The brochure a salesperson uses originated from marketing, your website was created from market research, social media platforms are overseen by marketing and events are planned by marketing. Marketing spots opportunities for sales, so marketing is the foundation of sales.

Knowing what’s happening

Marketing is needed to support sales and communication and planning is needed to coordinate activities over the year. This keeps everyone in the loop and ensures every activity is carried out on time and within your budget. Planning includes research, a very time consuming task. Knowing what’s happening is the key to knowing what will happen in the future. Plus it pays to do proper in-depth analysis about chosen subject matter.

Studying interaction

Marketing coordinates activities, supports sales and enables communication. Define goals to measure return on investment. Metrics could include: 1. sales made, 2. people engaged or 3. units sold. Compare those last three against: 4. money spent, 5. staff hours worked, 6. expenses needed, 7. sub-contractor & third party costs. What happens in the next year or five years starts here. The real marketing strategy begins at this point.

I hope this helped, please feel free to contact me.

Laurence Dunn MCIM

Chartered Institute of Marketing CPD