Printing Publishing

Mass postal mailings

Why I found myself doing this

After working as a print project manager in many marketing agencies in London this was the last pure printing publishing role that I did before becoming a professional marketer in December 2007. I was first trained as a Reprographic Printer and for 5 years I did that. I completed a 4-year apprenticeship at Williams Lea (Photoprint), who also sent me to the London College of Printing. I became a Journeyman printer stayed on running large Dufa and Mailander presses.

What I did next

I went to work at various printers like Harrier Specialist Print – Belvedere Kent (Map printing), Spider Web London NW1, (Strange and radical print) and did a stint in retail at Parrott Records in Southend. After that I learned how to run smaller sheet size B1 presses, Miller Perfectors, I was trained in both the UK and Germany. This was in 1981 with Wass Pritchard Printers. It was 7 years working for the family business. Apart from the high quality design company clients like David Worthington and Fuller Spencer Brown, they worked directly for Cadburys ‘Wispa’ launch during 1985.

Before broadband this is what happened!

This activity involved creation, testing and finally mass press insertion and DM mailings. The negative environmental impact of industrial production were the key benefits for Screwfix. This of course resulted in less tree felling. With regard to the customers of Screwfix; it depended on their individual IT skills, which was a big question mark for any marketing department.

The printing publishing and digital media task was to upload a 1,024 page, full colour A4 catalogue to a website and then transfer the 700MB file to a CD disk, using the latest software. The catalogue was self launching and very user-friendly and could be easily printed page by page at the touch of an icon. See full history of previous projects.

Printing publishing solution in the digital age was the DVD before the internet

Laurence Dunn