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“My marketing communications service is tailored to provide a key part of your company’s business publishing needs.” Laurence Dunn is currently doing the Chartered Marketer CPD course under the strict supervision of the Chartered Institute of Marketing or CIM. Branding via printed items is still a key messaging tool for most brands, along with the importance of case studies.

Make your brochure page spreads read like an advert

Marketing communications for brands

Effective marketing communications that empower small, medium and large businesses to advance their brands. I do this as efficiently as possible and within budget. The integrated marketing communication brand strategies that I formulate in partnership with you are tailored exactly to your needs.

Clear marketing communications

As marketing communications enables the selling of high value items, my experience enables clear thinking and drives what we do and how I do it. See my Testimonials.

Segmentation of target markets according to Laurence

“One, I’ve worked in every marketing communications channel you can imagine since 1988; it’s all in my CV. But as direct marketing is very strong for us one of our key areas of experience is mainly concerned with analytics and behavioural data. This data has to be processed very carefully to extract the information required based on the particular need at the time, such as user stories or advertising performance.

Two, data processing from information and the sourcing of new ideas. Data driven strategy is all about creating accurate segmentation from data-capture. There are key GDPR and e-privacy rules dictated by EU data protection that I abide by.

Three, deliver outstanding creative work to inspire, stimulate, and produce an eclectic environment for what ever segmented group you are interacting with.

These three things tend to drive any marketing communications to enable the selling of high value items which is your business strategy.”

Video stills can also give you great static content in a brochure


Mass postal mailings according to Laurence

“Why I found myself doing this

After working as a print project manager in many marketing agencies in London this was the last pure printing publishing role that I did before becoming a professional marketer in December 2007. I was first trained as a Reprographic Printer and for five years I did just that. I completed a 4-year apprenticeship at Williams Lea (Photoprint), who also sent me to the London College of Printing. I became a Journeyman printer and stayed on running large Dufa and Mailander presses.

What I did next

I went to work at various printers like Harrier Specialist Print – Belvedere Kent (map printing), Spider Web London NW1, (strange and radical print IRA, ANC and loads more from the radical left.) I then did a stint in retail at Parrott Records in Southend. After that I learned how to run smaller sheet size B1 presses, Miller Perfectors. I was trained in both the UK and Germany. This was in 1981 with Wass Pritchard Printers, seven years working for the family business. Apart from the high quality design company clients like David Worthington and Fuller Spencer Brown, they worked directly for Cadburys ‘Wispa’ launch during 1985.

Before broadband this is what happened!

This activity involved creation, testing and finally mass press insertion and DM mailings. The negative environmental impact of industrial production were the key benefits for Screwfix. This of course resulted in less tree felling. With regard to the customers of Screwfix, it depended on their individual IT skills, which was a big question mark for any marketing department.

The printing publishing and digital media task was to upload a 1,024 page, full colour A4 catalogue to a website and then transfer the 700MB file to a CD disk, using the latest software. The catalogue was self launching and very user-friendly and could be easily printed page by page at the touch of an icon. See full history of previous projects.”

Printing publishing solution in the digital age was the DVD before the internet

Laurence Dunn

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