Business card design is often the forgotten poor relation in the rush to get them printed. Marketing in Essex charge as little as £10 for 250 printed business cards. A box of 50 business cards could last you a whole year.

We only use the top UK based graphic designers and have long working relationships going back with them. We’ll also have a go at the easier graphic design ideas in-house.

Branding and the wow factor print offers

Branding is easily overlooked in a world of Instagram. A design can sometimes only come to life once you see it in the flesh. It takes skill to leverage the possibilities of print. See the spot UV varnish, debossing and lineart samples below.

Top business cards

Tempower brand identity 2013

The work of James King, Jon McCarthy, etc etc

Sole Trader or Small Business printed card

Take a Chartered Accountant for example. Careful design is required which could take a few attempts to get approved by a customer.

Small Enterprise Accountant Business Card Design

Even then changes will keep coming and need to be reproofed with the customer to ensure the artwork is 100% correct.

Laurence Dunn (MCIM)

Director of MiE, an experienced project manager who completed an apprenticeship at Williams Lea (Photoprint), who also went to the London College of Printing. He became a journeyman printer and stayed on running large Dufa and Mailander presses. After that he worked for the family business Wass Pritchard & Co Ltd, first as a printer running Miller presses, then as an estimator and sales person for various clients like Cadburys, Nestle, Wilkinson Sword, Gallaher’s, Esso, AEG, Elsenham and HMSO.

In 1988 Laurence Dunn started supplying MPS managed print services for clients. The Household Division (UK Army military bands) is a good example. He had to art direct several photoshoots at Horse Guards Parade and Wellington Barracks. He also commissioned design and produced printed materials for them. After that he went on the London advertising & marketing agency merry-go-round as a production buyer. Laurence next worked as a senior project manager on many large projects for large companies like Shell, then finally ended up at Bollfilter UK as their marketing manager. Now in July 2020 it’s time for new ventures MiE being the main one.

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