Posted by on 5th January 2021

Our recently purchased MiE pool car. A classic Redfire 2007 California Special Ford Mustang S197 with 123,000 recorded miles. A clean titled USA car with no accidents. The last Ford Mustang GT we used for business trips was a 2001 Bullitt. The Redfire is a V8 manual with the 4.6 litre 3V petrol engine. This Ford Mustang S197 has been fitted with long tube headers, a Pypes x-pipe straight through custom dual exhaust and a cold air intake.

Having a tough car for work is essential. Thanks to Ford the Mustang is one of those cars. With strong running gear, an asset platform able to return over 200,000 miles of hard day to day use, getting over 32mpg on the motorway (UK imperial gallons), makes it a reasonable car to run over longer distances.

California Special Ford Mustang

On its way from the USA to the UK

Mustang S197 GT/CS Build Sheet or Window Sticker

Ford Mustang S197

Ford Mustang S197 California Special

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