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Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000 repair kit

On my custom build S197 Ford Mustang GT/CS Redfire, the Ford Radio CD player a Shaker 500/1000 has 7 often used control buttons for SEEK x 2, TEXT/SCAN, AM/FM, CD, AUX and MUTE that are all fast wearing out, looking very scruffy! See repair kit for the Mustang 2005-2006-2007-2008-2009.  Find my YouTube video and watch all 5 minutes before you buy. If you carefully scrape back the buttons old black paint into tidy rectangles, you’ll make a neater job than I did!  My full length video on YouTube shows you how to do this, but as installations may be slightly different, you just will see how I did my Mustang.

The Ford Radio CD parts are hard to find so I have a £12.90 repair kit. repair kit a free spare sheet, so you get 2 attempts or a stock of spares. I will export to most countries for £2.50 or $3.50 postal cost to most countries.

What is a Repair kit for FORD MUSTANG S197 2005-2009 Shaker 500 1000?

The Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000 repair kit is for for worn peeling buttons. A Repair Kit. This is a quick fix and will take 10 minutes and save some cash. To buy go to Repair Kit:

US part number 6R3T-18C815-GE or generic Ford / Mercury 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 radio/CD MP3 players. This also covers Explorer, Expedition, F150, F250, F350, Taurus, Focus and Milan models. I’ve carefully recreated the exact same “pad print” compacted type (font) style as the OEM Ford Radio CD Shaker, by using photos and Photoshop. Plus faint gray cutter guidelines for you to follow when you cut these stickers out with a scalpel or sharp knife. This keeps the cost down, as machine cutting is very expensive. Save $$. YOU HAVE TO CUT THEM OUT YOURSELF! So if in doubt watch the full 5 minute YouTube video. Or ask me nicely and I may do it for you!

Shaker 500 1000

Before and After using the repair kit

Why you need a Repair kit

How to repair a 2005-2009 Ford Mustang S197 when you have annoying worn out switches and buttons in your ride. Can’t find a replacement part? Refurbish what you have and it looks great! Repair kit for the 7 most used buttons. < SEEK  |  TEXT/SCAN  |  SEEK > then the AM/FM, CD, AUX and MUTE.  (Delivery to USA only $3.50*) Tough Laminated Plastic Stickers.

Where to buy the Repair kit

Tough Laminated Stickers. Buy one from here for all models. This is a quick fix and will take 10 minutes and save some cash. 

Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000

Why you need the repair kit on the Ford Radio CD


Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000

The type font match is exact for the Ford Radio CD


Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000 Ford Radio CD for 2005 to 2012 vehicles

Ford Radio CD Shaker 500 1000 Ford Radio CD for 2005 to 2012 vehicles

Shaker 500 1000

You have to cut these out yourself, its easy with the cutting keylines

Tips and Tricks

I’ve marked in yellow on the photo the area to clear of paint to get a backlight for SEEK. Use a mini paint scraper, which probably don’t exist so it will be a small chisel or a flat headed screwdriver, preferably not too worn for a neat job. Gently scrape the paint off in the area needed only, clean with CD cleaning fluid (Isopropanol 55% Water 45%). Then dry with hairdryer. Apply sticker by peeling the sticker backing off. If you ask me nicely I’ll even cut one of two of these stickers out for you, as it’s a bit fiddly to do, unless you have a steady hand.



Interchange part numbers

4L3T-18C869-GC, 4L3T-18C869-GD, 4L3T-18C869-GE, 5L3T-18C869-AC, 5L3T-18C869-AF, 5L3T-18C869-AE, 6L3T-18C869-AA, 6L3T-18C869-AB, 6L3T-18C869-AC, 6L3T-18C869-AD, 5F9T-18C869-AG, 5F9T-18C869-AH, 5F9T-18C869-AK, 5F9T-18C869-AL, 6F9T-18C869-AB, 6F9T-18C869-AC, 6F9T-18C869-AE, 6F9T-18C869-AF, 6F9T-18C869-BA, 6F9T-18C869-BB, 6F9T-18C869-BC, 5L3T-18C869-AD , 

4L3T 18C869 GC, 4L3T 18C869 GD, 4L3T 18C869 GE, 5L3T 18C869 AC, 5L3T 18C869 AF, 5L3T 18C869 AE, 6L3T 18C869 AA, 6L3T 18C869 AB, 6L3T 18C869 AC, 6L3T 18C869 AD, 5F9T 18C869 AG, 5F9T 18C869 AH, 5F9T 18C869 AK, 5F9T 18C869 AL, 6F9T 18C869 AB, 6F9T 18C869 AC, 6F9T 18C869 AE, 6F9T 18C869 AF, 6F9T 18C869 BA, 6F9T 18C869 BB, 6F9T 18C869 BC, 5L3T 18C869 AD

4L3T18C869GC, 4L3T18C869-GD, 4L3T18C869GE, 5L3T18C869AC, 5L3T18C869AF, 5L3T18C869AE, 6L3T18C869AA, 6L3T18C869AB, 6L3T18C869AC, 6L3T18C869AD, 5F9T18C869AG, 5F9T18C869AH, 5F9T18C869AK, 5F9T-18C869AL, 6F9T18C869AB, 6F9T18C869AC, 6F9T18C869AE, 6F9T18C869AF, 6F9T18C869-BA, 6F9T18C869BB, 6F9T18C869BC, 5L3T18C869AD

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