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Chevrolet Camaro 1970 F body

Apart from my Jeeps and Mustangs, the Camaro 1970 is my ultimate dream car. I had the 1974 Camaro. But on these early F body versions its all about the Corvette rear lights which ran from 70 to 73 only. The engine in my one was the 350 cubic inch V8 with a 2 barrel carb.

Designed by Henry Haga and his team under the watchful eye of Bill Mitchell and his design team. The team included Chuck Jordan, Irving Rybicki and Dave Holls. Starting in late 1970 the second generation Camaro featured the 350 cubic inch 5.7 liter LT-1 super smooth and reliable engine derived from the Corvette C3.

Under the hood the top of the range Z28 featured 780-cfm 4 barrel carburetion sitting on a high-rise Aluminum intake manifold. In the looks department. Body color Z28 Trans-Am 15 x 7 inch Rally wheels. The optional 3-part Firebird style rear deck spoiler (COPO 9796). A Muncie 4 on the floor manual gearbox or the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 with 3 speed automatic gearbox.

Laurence Dunn

Camaro 1970 a great looking car

Photo 60319977 / Camaro 1970 © Jeff Downes |

Camaro 1970 F body with Corvette style rear lights

Photo 73052931 / Camaro © David Molina |

Other Camaro 70-73 engine options

With the Z28 being the top of the 1970 range, lets not forget the other sixes and eights in the range. There was a 250 cubic-inch (4.1 Liter) straight six engine for the entry level models, going through numerous mid-range V8s, ending up with the stonking 402 cubic-inch (but 396 badged) which was an incredible Big block engine of 6.5 liters found only in the Camaro SS.

Camaro in 1971 did not need the spoiler

A 1971 Chevy Camaro automobile on display at the 28th annual Matthews Auto Reunion & Motorcycle Show. Photo 125477379 / Camaro © Kevin M. Mccarthy |

Camaro 1970 in a nice green

Photo 148334754 / Camaro 1970 © Raytags |

Camaro 1970 in orange

Photo 176334688 / Camaro 1970 © Meunierd |

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Laurence Dunn

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