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Brand business reviews. In order to provide a you taste of what you are like to face as a potential customer, here are some user testimonials of some companies that I’ve had the mistfortune to deal with. Please read and digest before you buy from them, be warned!

2018 Apple – App Store Facility for Developers

Not having key APPs available is a massive issue. I’ve just experienced a business critical and major brand failure, because there was no BOLLFILTER APP yesterday on 1/8/2018.

The BOLLFILTER APP via is advertised via a large international businesses website that says clearly online, the BOLLFILTER APP is ready for download.

No warning from Apple that a subscription had ended when it did via email or SMS resulted in the APP going offline.

So the whole Apple CRM/ERP system basically fell apart from the lack of having one of the most basic fundementals of Marketing which is “Relationship with Your Customer”. Knowing how to contact your customer in an Emergency Situation. Then logging the response from them. The Customer Experience is key here.

No one bothered to contact me. I am the Markeing Manager for market leading machine brand. I have a  high profile on social media. A simple message to me somehow? If you can’t reach your customer via email, text them, write to them via post. Find them on social media. You guys need help with the basics.

I’m happy to consult for you on this as you clearly don’t have a clue! UK 07775 766589.

Laurence Dunn MCIM


2017 Sky TV

I wanted to watch the new series of “Curb your Enthusiasm series 9 episode 1”  After 24 hours of continuous text support. I still couldn’t watch it despite all the other Sky Atlantic programmes working fine on Catch up. Result I pay £800 a year and the service does not work. There was no explanation or apology, only a salesman phoning to try to sell me a more expensive package. What a farce.

To add insult to injury, when I got my mobile phone bill for the month, I was charged £14 for the support phone call which did fix the problem in the end. This phone call should have been free!

Laurence Dunn is a customer who is happy most of the time


2017 Moo printing company in London

I ordered some new business cards. Rounded corner with gloss laminate. It took them 4 lots of printing runs over 3 weeks before I got a decent set of cards, which were not ram punched or die cut at an angle. Boring process as I told Moo each time what the problem was. Then I ordered a reprint of some circular stickers. On the 1st attempt, the kiss cutting was non existent, so I could not peel them of the backing sheets. On the second attempt the print run lost half the artwork on the print area. The job was proofed within their system and looked fine at the start point. Moo blamed my artwork. So that’s now 2 attempts at a simple print job, that was actually printed 6 months ago without any issues.  A further 2 attempts and we finally got the result of the previous order. 4 weeks of wasted time.

This is typical of a business that decides to change its internal procedures, (executive decision), to make it simpler for themselves, at the expense of creating massive problems for their paying customers. These customers will walk as soon as they can and the company client list will dwindle. No matter how much marketing they do, they’ll never win back annoyed and frustrated ex-customers.

This company will suffer in the long run. I just hope someone reads this and brings this to the attention of the person who made or ordered the operational changes before its too late!

Update from July 2018. The service has got better. But some proper compensation for my losses would have removed the negative content of this article.

Laurence Dunn is a customer who is struggling a little with this



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