Who is the face of MiE or Marketing in Essex?

Introduction from the founder Laurence Dunn

Marketing is a risky business; take the wrong road and you could go over a cliff at worse or more likely end up in a muddy creek – that you’ll get out of eventually, but only after great discomfort, cost or embarrassment. Welcome! My name is Loz, otherwise known as Laurence Dunn, depending where you know me from. Founder of the MiE micro-agency and marketing specialist. I’ll help you avoid the pitfalls of marketing.


Don’t end up in a muddy creek

CV-Resume with credentials covering many years of experience at other marketing and advertising agencies; Ignition Marketing, Smartfusion, Alcone Marketing, Ogilvyone London, Group M and Symphony Talent. Most recently I was contracted at Saatchi’s and VCCP, before that, Unilever Studio or Oliver Agency working on the Unilever global rebrand project. Way back in the past, I was apprenticed for 4 years at Williams Lea.

What is the most valuable thing I’ve learnt in business to date? The importance of business market focused case studies.

Laurence Dunn Marketing Specialist MCIM

Laurence Dunn Marketing Specialist MCIM driving

I set my own micro-enterprise up back in 1997. I needed to earn extra money to save in my pension fund and repay debts. This works well with contracting. I’m human rather than Palo Alto algorithm, so happy to join you for a drink down the pub to discuss plans. I’ve worked for many small brands and businesses, Wass Pritchard and Spider Web in the 80s. Then I moved on to the club-flyer trailblazers Wide Boys based in Covent Garden back in 1992. After 5 years of that in 1997, I moved on to some larger brand marketing and advertising agencies who worked on retained accounts and pitches for clients like: IBM, Mars, Costa, Q8, Mercedes Benz, Shell and Unilever.

I’ve also worked clientside for the UK office of a German upper-sized Mittelstand firm who own the industrial filter brand called BOLLFILTER also known as BOLL or BOLL & KIRCH This GmbH business has global reach. They manufacture in Germany and China, and sell a diverse range of industrial and marine filtration products in most locations in the world. From 2012 I audited their UK marketing activity and the performance was checked via analytics. Unnecessary spends were reduced for a more efficient deployment of brand resources. Ten years on my job is done, they’re on the right track.

Professionals offer 360-degree marketing support

What MiE offers

When you need professional help in the UK, why not try an agency that charges reasonable fees for the work, does not waste resources, my team gets results, is transparent and engages your own staff easily.

  • Updating websites and social media platforms
  • Email marketing and data processing
  • Producing analytics to gauge the success of campaigns
  • Scheduling project lifecycles and planning campaigns over the year
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Brand and corporate identity.
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Producing artwork and designing advertising materials
  • Organising printed matter

If you want to discuss an idea in confidence, then simply fill in the web contact form to book a face to face meeting.

Why marketing is crucial for continued business success

Many businesses have relegated marketing to the eighth division of company importance. It comes after these 8 subjects below have been fully funded…

  • Financial accounting
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Future planning
  • Staffing
  • Production efficiency
  • Workplace ambience
  • Company vehicles
  • Marketing

This is a very big mistake. These businesses will not survive modern trading, soon to disappear into oblivion or much reduced size like Kodak did with the onset of mobile phones and digital photography. Marketing should be second division at least. It focuses your mind on the MARKET and what is happening in the world. If you are too focused on your pond, you won’t notice the Tsunami coming from the ocean. Only the most carefully market conscious businesses can survive in the 21st century. Why remain in the 19th century? Get a marketing plan now!

Example request for quotation RFQ

A newly formed business recently asked us to come up with a year one start-up marketing plan to generate new business. They’d compiled a list of things they thought were needed like business cards, an 8-page website, some media advertising, media press releases and social media etc. They only had a tiny budget. Return on investment would’ve been one to ten in year one. So a business failure by insolvency where the wasted marketing budget is ten times the value of all the new business generated in year one. We’re not talking about an eBay hobby trader here this is a serious person who needed to actually earn some cash from their work to pay the bills in year one.

Advice given

Do not waste any money on vanity projects. They don’t matter. Instead concentrate on the business card and get “Google my Business” set up, to gain some five star reviews or credibility, in the ever connected social media world. Then if you want, have a single holding website homepage with a contact form. Then get out there and use the network marketing social media channels to generate your new business in year one. Simple but very effective. Watch out for the magic figure of ten to one return on investment. This is where they’d make ten times the amount in new business generated, over what money was invested in their marketing. Result is a business success.

Industrial sectors and segments

Business success is your future

Share this firm’s success by contacting Marketing in Essex when you’re in a similar situation, rather than the money burning bricks and mortar Advertising/PR agency you may already be dealing with, or have the misfortune to bump into at your next networking event! We offer customers a set rate per hour. This covers all marketing functions that can be carried out for customers by professionals. That’s all you will have to pay; no call out fees or travel costs. We are very straight forward and will produce a daily 15-minute sectioned timesheet for your accounts department so they can easily log costs to the relevant departments within your organisation. Hence you’ll not find a better or more professional proposition.

A note from Laurence Dunn

Eleven reasons I am the best outsourced Marketing Manager you need

British person

I am prepared to work part-time, and odd hours should the need arise.

The right sector experiences

I am used to working for hi-tech businesses like Cologne based Boll & Kirch a SME Industrial manufacturer, working as their UK Marketing Manager. This client was gained in 2012 because they were so impressed with my experience.

Plus, previously in 2010 I won a contract with Veka group, directly gained from a marketing campaign dreamt up by myself. My son and I personally delivered six thousand marketing packs by hand to six thousand businesses in South Essex. That took us 6 weeks – at the weekends, a fun father-son activity with a lot of extra pocket money earned! ROI of 8:1 on expense and time spent. A marketing success.

With 2 other past hi-tech engagements TubeTech and Delta Refrigeration

So, what this and my advertising past, I am used to the industrial and marketing style challenges of the nature of your products and services. Plus of course I come from industrial background myself having started my work life as an apprentice printer and I am mad about cars and like to get my hands dirty.

I have been a fully experienced Marketing & Advertising Project Manager for the last 33 years, previously responsible for exceptionally large budgets of up to £10 million GBP. With a large emphasis on Sarbanes Oxley SOX. I am expert at scoping complex projects and managing both internal staff and external suppliers.

Ground Zero

Your marketing looks to be at a new starting point in your business, so we have the challenge of producing: A SOSTAC report, Mind maps, A Benefits Realisation Decision Framework, Customer Segmentation, Customer and User Journeys, Deliverables and Timing Plans, which is the science part. We can then analyse your web traffic and do some market research.

I do Fast track Planning & Implementation Projects

Once we have these basics, we can put some numbers into plans and define the rules’ part. We can create and implement a marketing plan that dovetails with your central business plan. I tend to use tools like. Google Docs, AdWords and Analytics, BRAD, Agile Scrum, Waterfall Prince 2, Hitwise, Alexa, Basecamp plus Pen & Paper. Each system comes with its own methodology or set of rules, which I tend to follow closely, otherwise you tend to get into a nasty mess.

The systems are all supposed to be formulated to improve efficiency. Hybrid systems work better. Google Docs is streamlining of online collaboration with remote project partners. Plus, Analytics for speed of graphing and reporting for SEO work. Agile is the cutting down of unnecessary discussions and documentation to enable faster lead times. Everyone likes this. Pen and paper is sometimes the answer, you may just need to talk face to face and write things down and draw pictures to speed the process of unravelling misunderstood ideas.

Growth and New Products

What will be interesting is the prospect of launching new products into the market. That must form part of your growth strategy. This is a campaign that I did in 2006. The Hotpoint/Indesit – Aqualtis Washing Machine Launch (2006) ALTAVIA MILAN. £250k GBP. Films originally made in Turkey for all European markets. To enable DVD, Website and Broadcast deployment plus adapts for Out of Home. All new UK Versions required for a major trade launch of Aqualtis. This was a press launch event to bring a new consumer product “Aqualtis” and rebrand it from Indesit to Hotpoint for the launch in the UK domestic market.

The key part of this activity was a press and trade launch (Charing Cross Hotel London). This event required the creation and production of many items from the key event film to be shown on the 50-foot video screen including the training films. Other collateral included the interactive self-launching CD ROM, all the printed items from brochures to POS permanent retail washing machine stands with DVD players.

This was especially difficult for me, as I had to source all the material from Turkey and Italy for the films and commission English voiceovers of Turkish movie footage. This was all done to professional transcreation standards and is still in use. Full customer facing account management, supply chain selection, project management and budgetary P & L responsibility.

New Media and CRM

I have a lot of new media and web experience plus transcreation which is the adaption of foreign language advertising. My software skills, MS Business Contact Manager 8 years, Salesforce & Goldmine 2 years, Experian Hitwise 1 year, plus many other systems like AWS Edity SAP Netweaver 3 years. Adobe Creative Suite 10 years, Constant Contact and Mailining Manager 15 years.

Experian Hitwise is used or SEO to analyse your competitor’s online activity. Salesforce and Goldmine enable you to understand your clients and give everyone who has permission access to a pool of information. This is a key segmentation tool. It also enables tactical activities that have high impact. A complex package.

MS Business Contact Manager is a simple tool that enables import and export of data enabling data processing to be managed in Excel and it easily slots in with many large email marketing platforms like Constant Contact, that all offer a host of functionality that is beyond most companies’ ability.


I have worked in every media channel you can imagine since 1988, it is all in my CV. But direct marketing is extraordinarily strong for me. One of my key areas of experience is concerned with Analytics and Behavioural data. This data must be processed very carefully to extract the information required based on the need at the time. Such as User Stories or Advertising Performance. These two things tend to drive any marketing strategy.

Another area of my experience is the use of multi-language and non-English data processing for customers such as Shell EMEA and Mars EMEA from retail purchase information and the sourcing of new data from list brokers.

Data driven strategy for me is all about segmentation from data-capture and the inclusions of Rogers Theory to build some sense into faceless data. They key rules are dictated by the data protection acts and they make it harder for marketers all the time depending on where you trade. Analysis Consideration Execution.

Future trends v Past performance

SEO is my strongest area. ROI becomes obvious with increased relevant web traffic. The significant increase of back links and reputation of the websites in general. I am also able to monitor ROI any websites performance using free online tools. A low ROI seen with this type of work in the short term, but in the long term it snowballs.

The new MWBEX.com website where SEO will be shown to have worked for the longer term. Email marketing is on the way out as it has a SPAM issue. But it has a place. I have run and personally designed many campaigns. Another strong area for me, but ROI has always been lower than expected, as the level of Internet trust has gradually reduced over the last 18 years thanks to phishing and scammers.

GETTHERE.com for travel and business bookings was introduced by my email campaigns. Social Media is also extraordinarily strong for me, and the ROI is particularly good. Groups are brilliant on Linked In. Good Blogs and Forums punch well above their weight in ROI. But businesses have a hard job to not look too desperate which can frighten people off. A YouTube video of a demonstration for MWBEX was a good one, 22,000 views within a week. Affiliate Marketing is an area that is heavily contested and notoriously hard to manage. But if you get it right, it is better than all the others put together. As it involves the human touch of recommendation from a trusted source. Extremely high ROI.

Return on Investment

What was my most effective ever-marketing campaign? The launch of Lakesure in 1991 achieved a 170:1 ROI and lasted for at least 18 years. I know as I did the launch in 1991 and the relaunch in 2009 on a tiny budget. Never say never. Social media campaigns. Email campaigns – Fax campaigns – Out of Home (free media) – Piggyback postal mail shots – Word of mouth – Educational Activity – Grants – You Tube and other Viral Media – eBay – Blogs and Forums. It all works.

Key Player

I can be a key player in your business. You’re then saving and I’m earning and learning.

Laurence Dunn MCIM