Marketing professional offers 360-degree marketing support

What I offer

When you need marketing help I’m the person to come to:

  • Updating websites and social media platforms
  • Email marketing and data processing
  • Producing analytics to gauge the success of marketing campaigns
  • Scheduling project lifecycles and planning campaigns over the year
  • Strategic planning
  • Market research
  • Brand and corporate identity.
  • Writing and distributing press releases
  • Producing artwork and designing advertising materials
  • Organising printed matter

If you want to discuss an idea in confidence, then simply fill in my web contact form to book a face to face meeting with me. I travel around quite a bit as I have clients all over Essex and London.

Example request for quotation RFQ:

A newly formed company recently asked me to come up with a year one start-up marketing plan to generate new business. They’d compiled a list of things they thought were needed like business cards, an 8-page website, some media advertising, media press releases and social media etc. They only had a tiny budget. Return on investment would’ve been one to ten in year one. So a business failure by insolvency where the wasted marketing budget is ten times the value of all the new business generated in year one.

We’re not talking about an eBay hobby trader here this is a serious person who needed to actually earn some cash from their work to pay the bills in year one.

Advice given:

My advice was not to waste any money on vanity projects. They don’t matter. Instead concentrate on the business cards and get “Google my Business” properly set up to gain reviews. Then if you want, have a single holding website homepage with a contact form.

Then get out there and use the network marketing social media channels to generate your new business in year one. Simple but very effective. Watch out for the magic figure of ten to one return on investment. This is where they’d make ten times the amount in new business generated, over what money was invested in their marketing. Result is a business success.

Share this firm’s success by contacting Laurence Dunn at Marketing in Essex when you’re in a similar situation, rather than the money burning bricks and mortar Marketing/Advertising/PR agency you may already be dealing with, or have the misfortune to bump into at your next networking event!

I offer customers a set rate per hour. This covers all of my marketing functions that can be carried out for customers by me a professional marketer in the Chartered Institute of Marketing. A full MCIM member, I can do this because I have over 40 years experience and I won’t waste your time or money.

2013 – 19 Chartered Institute of Marketing MCIM Professional Marketer. Chartered CPD Certificates years 2016, 2017 & 2018.
2007 – 12 Chartered Institute of Marketing – Affiliate Professional Marketer.
City and Guilds of London Institute – Full Technician – Printing | Graphic Design | Typography – NVQ4 Credit.

That’s all you will have to pay me; no call out fees or travel costs. I am very straight forward and will produce a daily 15-minute sectioned timesheet for your accounts department so they can easily log my costs to the relevant departments within your organisation. Hence you’ll not find a better or more professional proposition.

Laurence Dunn MCIM

The scope of is that you’ll get a human expert-myself!-for your business or project. I’m very flexible in outlook and consequently, pretty much anything you ask can be done. Typical recent projects have included; a small sticker, a business card, some photography, some email bulk marketing mailings, database analysis, a corporate video, a brochure, a website, an iOS / Android app and an exhibition stand.

For customers who need to

Start a business | Run a business | Benefit from having a business | Planning for the changes required with Brexit | Understand data and GDPR | Look at e-privacy | Benefit from a 360-degree Marketing Service from Chartered CPD MCIM accredited marketing professional.

I’m a seasoned marketing professional.

See ten Testimonials.

I’m a talented marketing professional. I first joined the CIM as an Affiliate Professional in 2007. I was then elected as full MCIM member by the CIM Chartered Institute of Marketing in July 2013. They don’t just give MCIM accreditation out; you do have to prove you’ve had at least five years’ work experience at actually being a professional marketer. Since then I’ve attained my 2016, 2017 and 2018 Chartered CPD certificates. These are issued once a year based on your actual work submitted to CIM and checked by CIM fellows. This is not for academic activity that was attained in the eighties, nineties or noughties!

After full industrial technical training for ten years, I started off selling print in the mid-1980s.  As a result of the internet I now also have many digital media skills. I’ve plenty of traditional media experience, gained from 20 years’ working at many London agencies: Ogilvy, Hogarth, TMW, Group M, Alcone, and print production buying for Altavia-Group. I then went on to start my own business.

I first started my own personal agency in 2008, with the trading name “Journeys Multimedia”, I then changed to “MiE” in 2015, as this seemed more appropriate for the marketing services I offer.