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MiE’s hosting and website service is simple, it costs from £50 plus VAT per year for web and email hosting. All websites can be linked to Google Analytics for web traffic analysis, plus WordPress assistance with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from day one. You could update your own content daily with no extra costs, or get us to do it for you.

What websites have I worked on? Lots. Major changes to the BOLL & KIRCH website were helped by Laurence Dunn’s efforts. Google Organic Traffic increased by a significant figure between it went up by 44% over 3 years. This is by gradual increment thanks to carefully tweaking the website via SEO optimisation and studies of business taxonomy.

Maintenance and servicing

I’ll ensure your website or online shop is backed up regularly and the back end will be kept up to date. Your company email addresses will be organised and maintained. Google Search Console will be monitored and actioned if your website throws up any search issues. Content updates can be done for you on a regular contractual basis if that helps for longer term planning.

What else is involved with a website?

Not a lot really just agree the right top level domain name wording for your business activity and find the domain name that works for your business. Then get a web page hosted via MiE. You can get me to install an online shop if you need that feature. Then work out where you want your website to be seen and by whom.

Optimisation tools

Google Search Console, Yoast and Screaming Frog, can also be an extra part of this system. I can quickly provide you with a new website. Send us your design in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat or PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, HTML or MS Publisher and I’ll build from that. Or for something really nice, just pick one of the many 100s of free templates.

Your website and the minefield of UK GDPR

Pay attention to what the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) says. If an ex-employee is photographically featured or mentioned on your company’s Website,  Social Media, Product /Service Case Study or Brochure that is online, then once they officially leave your company’s employment, you’ll need to remove their face photographs and mentions.

The photographic and text data in question then becomes that person’s own “controllable personal data” once again, outside the remit of any previously signed “release agreement” with your company to appear in your company’s marketing materials.

So the data is technically non-compliant with 2018 UK GDPR rules, unless of course you had made an agreement with that person before they left your employment, in writing, to retain an ongoing use of their “personal data” right for a specified period of time.

Oh yes, the boring bit: planning!

  • Digital experience planning & design
  • Purchase path UX
  • Digital context diagrams
  • Business analysis
  • Pen portraits, personas, user journeys
  • Site maps, card sorts, taxonomies, nomenclature
  • Wireframes, interaction diagrams, prototyping
  • Process flows
  • Content matrix
  • Competitor reviews, site & digital audits
  • Brainstorm, workshop design
  • Usability testing
  • Stakeholder workshops & interviews
  • KPI setting & measurement, tracking requirements
  • User workshops & interviews
  • Use cases/functional specs with tech team/BA
  • Testing plans with tech team

Laurence Dunn founder of MiE

Website on mobile iOS and Android

Website on laptop, mobile iOS and Android

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