Why MiE has project management for marketing expertise

Many people have no idea where to start with an ad campaign or project management for marketing. Well you need to book space. As far a media outlets go, its going to be all media site owners for billboards, screens, poster sites, ambient sites etc, all transport owners for buses, taxis, trains, planes and publications for press. Or you may find you cannot have the space! Not much more can be said at this stage without actually reading the ad campaign briefing document that would include key details like:


  • Desired outcome from the campaign.
  • What the Key Performance Indicators KPIs look like.

From this campaign briefing, a media plan would then be written up taking into account what’s actually going on in the target area. (Which is a key part of the MiE service). In reality many clients usually leave the booking stage far too late. It should  all be booked and agreed 4 months before the campaign is launched, because of the legal, production, creative stages needed in every ad campaign and ad space booking of course.


Get the creative wrong, no one will take a blind bit of notice, and it will flop badly, its then just more money down the drain. Return on Investment? You’re fired! Project management for marketing rules.

Laurence Dunn of MiE explains why you should use his company for your advertising campaigns. “I am a marketing co-ordinator and corporate support unit you need because of my advertising expertise and the following four factors listed below. Especially if you have a non-UK business.

Good reasons to hire the MiE project management for marketing team according to Laurence Dunn

One, “I am a UK based British-English speaker, with expertise that can work for many brands. You could be my local car repair garage, a transport cafe or an international widget seller.

BOLLFILTER UK present our new Fully Automatic Filter aquaBoll®

BOLLFILTER UK present the new Fully Automatic Filter aquaBoll® MiE are the UK agency for this German manufacturer.

Two, I’m fully experienced and well seasoned, having worked in marketing and advertising for over 44 years each. I am a person for all: marketing, production and account handling, with a top notch back-up team for complex art direction and creative materials. I know many of the best creatives around.

advertising expertise Jeep Stickers on Orange JK

Jeep Stickers on Orange JEEP JK. MiE design the merchandise for Jeep Club UK

Three, I’m an expert at scoping complex marketing projects and partnering with all types of stakeholders from clients to internal staff to external suppliers. This helps you get what you want on-time and in-budget.

The Hepworth Gallery

The Hepworth Gallery is the location for an environmental HVAC case study by MiE

Four, growth and brand elevation. My advertising expertise will drive an existing brand or company forward. I have new ideas for helping you formulate a marketing plan. That includes a 360 degree business strategy. I also work in transcreation and excel in segmentation: the adaption of the advertising and marketing systems to suit distinct groups of people.


Advertising campaigns that I’ve project managed, in the numerous London sales promotion, direct marketing, experiential and advertising agencies that I’ve worked or freelanced for since 1992.

When you need the nicest ideas…

Sometimes the best idea is a really simple one. I like simple as it’s cheaper than a 600 line spreadsheet of expensive ideas. That’s what many larger agencies would offer you. That’s because many of them, especially the larger ones in group agencies, are run by accountants who think creativity is an unnecessary expense. However we all know that attitudes and business models like this are very pre-2016. With Brexit, Black Lives Matter and Covid 19 in the forefront, those old thinking patterns are now just history.

Experienced partners to hold your hand with project management for marketing

With over 32 years of experience in project management for marketing, the advertising expertise I have is good. B2B or business to business for various industries and I’ve also worked for many B2C brands as well. B2B is much harder but I enjoy a challenge.

Location of the UK office

North of the Thames Estuary, Marketing in Essex works in a modern digitally integrated environment. That means I have the necessary expertise to carry out strategic marketing planning thanks to the CIM or Chartered Institute of Marketing. By default this includes brand and identity development, creative design, and packaging. From a digital and interactive perspective I’m expert at app and web development. This leads on to e-commerce and SEO. A full service agency for your company or organisation.

Company truck parked in front of our office in Southend on Sea

Why be boring and dull? Paint your truck a bright colour, then show it off!

Look out for the company truck: it’s a Jeep, it’s a lightish blue colour and  maybe you will see it or hear it driving around”.

Laurence Dunn

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