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Jeep WK Propshaft Front


Jeep WK Propshaft Front

Check your Jeep before you spend on a new Jeep WK Propshaft Front

To be honest, this was a false alarm. Jeep WK Propshaft Front. The front prop shaft was making funny clunking noises, so I assumed after reading up online that it was toast after 15 years. Basically the CV joints go, and with a 3″ inch lift there are extra stresses with the increased rotation angle. So I purchased a new one to sort out the problem. Jeep Club Etsy shop

My mechanic just took it off, took a good look, then just reinstalled the old one, it was just a little loose and bolts were not tight enough.

Moral: Seek professional advice before you buy new parts.

WK Jeep

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