wheel carrier transport for tyres

Wheel carrier

The best option for whatever else you need to move that is automotive. We offer a professional wheel carrier courier service for 4×4 Parts, alloys, wheels, tyres, car parts, exhausts and consequently you’ll be a happier customer because we are the professionals.

wheel carrier is for larger tyres

wheel carrier service is for larger tyres

Prices from £11.95 including VAT

This service was started after attempting to move a 4 x 4 tyre from Wales to Essex after buying the tyre on eBay. The prices quoted ranged from £18 to £200 which seemed very high. Anyvan.com were quite competitive, Parcelforce wanted £68.

We thought there was a probable gap in the market to cater for the UK in this segment, so after some online extensive marketing research, we came up with a solution. Marketing in Essex logistics then stepped in to fill the gap. We cover Scotland, Wales and England mainland routes. Areas outside are possible, but there are ferry costs to consider.

Fully Insured

We have goods in transit insurance and the drivers all know their routes well and can access many off-road locations. Please use the Contact tab at the top to book a delivery.

4×4, car and vehicle parts

A new easy way to arrange delivery for your; car rims, tyres, wheels, alloys, doors, winch bumpers, exhausts and other car parts. Our low prices start at just £11.95 with free insurance for peace of mind.

Marketing in Essex logistics, the dedicated low cost UK courier specialist for 4×4, car and vehicle parts, most of all we’re more than happy to undertake difficult jobs.

Easy to book

Marketing in Essex logistics take bookings from our contact form, are happy accept direct payment via bank transfer. Or if preferred we can use PayPal. This payment service is fast, secure and simple to use. Payments handled by PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments can provide peace of mind. PayPal protects your credit card information with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Personal service

With us its easy, we’ll talk to you on the phone.

Established in 2008 we have now been in the automotive delivery industry for 8 years, because of this solid trading history, we’ve built strong relationships with our customers and only deliver using our own vehicles to ensure your items arrive promptly and in good condition as you sent them, without the hassle that you normally get.

If you have a specific query please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Weekend and time sensitive deliveries are also available, please contact us via this form

Automotive pages

We have a few on this website. The website is run by petrol heads with a great passion for all things automotive. The person who set it up was myself, Laurence Dunn.

Welcome to the business where I provide transportation for random automotive articles, that need that extra bit of special care that you’ll only get from a fellow petrol head. Usually I’m transporting my own parts for my US car parts business, you’ll consequently get my service on the cheap!


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Jeeps in the valley Chambon sur Lac


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