Websites for business optimisation

Our website service is based on a you solution that gives you control. All of our websites can be linked to Google Analytics for assistance with your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from day one. All of our websites can be adapted to enable low cost e-mail marketing, without the annual contracts. Also we can add an OS e-commerce (Online Shopping Interface) at the start of the build or a year later. You want a website that grows with you, not a cyber-yoke that sucks up your business resources. Be in a position to update your own content daily with no extra costs. Or if you are too busy, get a CUPS deal from Marketing in Essex.

Optimisation free tools

Google Analytics, Experian Hitwise and Omniture can also be an extra part of this system. We also work with Yahoo webmaster tools and Bing. How quickly can we provide a new website?

We can quickly provide you with a new website. Send us your design in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat or PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, HTML or MS Publisher and we’ll build from that. Or for something really nice, just pick one of our many 100s of free templates.

What else is involved? Oh yes the boring bit planning!

Digital experience planning & design
Purchase path UX
Digital context diagrams
Business analysis
Pen portraits, personas, user journeys
Site maps, card sorts, taxonomies, nomenclature
Wireframes, interaction diagrams, prototyping
Process flows
Content matrix
Competitor reviews, site & digital audits
Brainstorm, workshop design
Usability testing
Stakeholder workshops & interviews
KPI setting & measurement, tracking requirements
User workshops & interviews
Use cases/functional specs with tech team/BA
Testing plans with tech team

Meta copy in digital photography

What is Meta data? META copy is the information about a photographic image such as a JPG or PNG. That could be the copyright holder’s details, alt text copy, camera details or accessibility information. So as this copy is important and it can’t be ignored as the evidence has been embedded into the photographic file.

How do I find this meta data copy?

Usually when you run a cursor over a thumbnail or a tile of a JPG, a little box pops up with this information. Through a series clicks you find the correct box where you can access this copy as raw text.

Testing Services and Browser testing

Usability testing is an area that as most influences web site testing. Some applications are very dependent on browsers. Different browsers have different configurations and settings that your web page should be compatible with. Your website coding hopefully should be cross browser platform compatible. If you are using java scripts or AJAX calls for UI functionality, performing security checks or validations then you will get more emphasis on browser compatibility testing of your web application. Test web applications on different browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, AOL, Safari, Opera browsers with older versions as well will make this a valid exercise.

Website development testing. SIT or Systems Integration Testing makes sure all the different interfaces and plug ins work together and in concert. UAT or User Acceptance Testing is what your client signs off so you get paid and lastly AB testing is what the audiences you seek actually like about your website. User Experience Testing is the ongoing part that is done post launch usually by the client.

Meta tags

What are Meta tags? The META tag is the primary source that search engines read along with meta data when indexing your website, make sure you understand them and know their limitations. META Tags are the most important tags that search engines use (if supported) to categorise, prioritise and rank your website. Meta tags provide a very concise fashion for website owners to categorise their site by the most appropriate keywords and descriptions. Because of the great flexibility in giving the opportunity for webmasters to categorise their webpages, this also opens up the issue of abuse. Bear in mind that search engines have algorithms to prevent abuse of excessive meta tags, so there are some general principles that webmasters should adhere to such as avoiding the use of “keyword stuffing”.

What are Heading tags

A “Heading Tag” is commonly referred to as an “H tag”. This is a Meta tag as well. The “H1 tag” is the biggest and most important of these tags. In print media you would compare an “H1 tag” with the largest printed words on the editorial section of the page. A web page is very similar to traditional printed media as far as actual visual basic page make up. This tag and it’s rendered wording that you see in heading area of the web page, not only grab the readers attention, the tag also grabs many of the “search engine robots” attention as they crawl through your web pages code to index the content for “Search engine ranking position”. There is functionality in the Marketing in Essex supplied “Joomla systems” (that we provide for our clients), to create easy to use H1 to H6 tags from the “paragraph” button in the admin area of the website. This codes the tag into the page HTML and makes the job easy for the budding webmaster.

Keep META Tags Short But Concise

Many webmasters realise that search engines use Description and Keyword META tags heavily and try taking advantage of this by writing very long descriptions and keywords. Search engines have a finite database and will only index a certain portion of your website. Try to keep your META tags simple and to the point. Search engines take into account the number of occurrences of each tag and may penalise your website’s rankings if you overuse META tags.

Avoid Using All Upper Case (Caps)

Some search engines used to prioritise websites that started with capital letters or those that had special characters such as numbers. This technique may still work with some older search engines, but beware that search engines are constantly on the lookout for abusers.

Avoid “Bridge” Pages

Bridge pages are pages which redirect a user to another page, which is often the page that the webmaster intended a user to go to directly. This practice is strongly discouraged by search engines as it clutters their databases with useless pages and opens the opportunity for users to spam search engines with irrelevant pages. Bridge pages are mostly associated with the META Refresh Tag.

Avoid Repetition

Try to avoid repeating the same keywords or descriptions in your meta tags. Often, search engines will degrade your rankings when they detect repetition of the same words in your META Tags. Should you need to use repetition, separate the repeated words from each other by a few other keywords.

Prioritise your meta data Keywords

Some search engines will read only the first few lines of your webpages to get an overview of your website. Search engines which do this may miss some of your META tags. As such, you should put focus on your description and keywords META tags with priority on the first few words.

Meta data key points

As more and more people offer professional search engine optimisation services, the strategies surrounding what we should and should not be doing to get ourselves ranked higher is changing on a daily basis. Things that used to be the bread and butter of SEO are now being deemed as unnecessary. Yet things we were told we should never do are now top of the list for getting a site ranked. Bearing all this in mind, we think it is about time that a few key points in the world of SEO were cleared up.

Some webmasters are still convinced that the number of meta data keywords they have should be as many as is physically possible. This is an understandable approach, as keywords are what the search engines find. The difference now however is that search engines are much more sophisticated and gone are the days when the more the merrier. It is quality over quantity in every single way. Some companies may find it hard to believe, but literally having between two and four keywords in a typical article or blog is enough. Actual web copy may require more, but news pages and blog posts should not be crammed.

Keywords are under attack again as many companies believe they need to be included in their actual website name. This is true, keywords should be included in title and meta tags, but your company name is a representation of your entire brand so it should be memorable and as close to your company name, if not your exact company name. That is an independant issue from meta data.

This again links us onto another grey area – Meta tags. Some people are claiming that meta tags are no longer needed. We have seen a distinct change in meta tags with specific tags such as the keyword one no longer being around, but a website still needs something. Title tags have been mentioned above but one even more important factor are your description tags. Contrary to popular belief, your description tags will usually not directly affect your page ranking. What description tags do achieve however, is a more relevant and uncomplicated search result for both the search engine and the user.

Search marketing is all about natural content and directing users to your site in a more organic way. Many companies believe that true search optimisation should not involve any paid for advertising, as anything you need can be achieved through natural search. There is a lot to be said for organic searching; however there is still a place for PPC advertising. Including some paid advertising in your web optimisation opens more doors for you and can only increase traffic to your site. PPC campaigns are also very measurable and it is clear to get a good indication of ROI.

One thing which people are still doing which no longer is a necessity is submit their site to the search engine to rank them and index them. There is no harm in doing this, however it is not essential anymore.

Keyword meta data engineering

While you’ll get many offers of above the fold SERPs (Search Engine Rank on Page or Position on Page), Perhaps you had better consider how the major search engines treat your website after indexing it.

There is no substitute for good keywords. The process is scientific and creative, this has to be carried out by a native speaker of the local target area. Did you know there were 45 versions of the English language? Here lies a challenge. They start: en-US, en-GB, en-CA ….. etc

SEO, LPO & SEM content preparation by Marketing in Essex.


Search Engine Results Pages SERPs and your global website ranking are very powerful signals to the reputation of your website and ultimately your businesses. There are approximately 500,000,000 websites on the internet. Alexa keeps a record of many of these websites. Global ranking is recorded if there is any data out there. As a rule of thumb if you rank above 30 million your data will appear. You can follow your successes with your Alexa rank. If you ever get anywhere near; (No. 1), or (No. 6), your can consider that you have well and truly made it on the net! Do you need a website audit?

Website behaviour

Our key feature is substance over style, or longevity rather than fashion. A bit like an old classic Volvo or Jeep really, just enough essential parts: you grow into it slowly, getting your content investments back and gaining an appreciating asset; selling your products to new audiences for a reasonable profit and steadily growing your returns from all of your business segments via your own silver bullets. We’ll help you ensure that happens. Google’s new amends in their search Engine Algorithms makes the job far more difficult, but that’s why you need a solid SEO strategy.

What is SEO

SEO Content Writing, On-Page Optimisation, Dynamic and Static Off-Page Optimisation, Directory Submission, Link Building, Article Marketing, Press Release Writing and Distribution, Social Media, Optimisation, Forum Postings, Blog Commenting, Social Media Marketing, Social Bookmarking and Social Networking.

Key statistics are taken from a website’s traffic reports are then used in the targeting of business’s marketing efforts. Here we study behaviour on a website and vary the content to enable better response. The cheapest way to increase free SEO traffic from meta data is to get someone to advise others of business’s product’s on a blog or a wiki. This is what all these Indian web companies do for the digital agencies in the UK. The trouble you’ll have now since Google changed their algorithms, is these black-hat methods could have the reverse effect.

A simpler way to increase traffic would be done via PPC. Ad Words is the biggest PPC system, if you set up a very carefully targeted campaign for £10 a day, say £300 per month that will generate around 60 clicks a day, which would increase a microsites traffic from 2 hits a day to 60, an increase of around 2800% that will generate your sales leads via tracked conversions. Or will that just fail and rob your budget again? Talk to the guys who’ve tried it!

SEO meta data upgrades can only be made after in-depth analysis

First we analyse your website’s existing structure to see where SEO upgrades can be made. We can then perform analysis and research in order to determine which will be your most profitable search strategies. These, unfortunately, will also be the most widely used, but hey, that’s our problem. We’ll give you the best web searchable components, for the best angles of attack in this ever growing electronic cyberworld of the Internet. We’ll set you up so you’re central to the web analysis process, enabling you to constantly monitor your website’s meta data performance through its website rankings, traffic generation and conversion rates.

Identification of keywords
Posting of articles
Development of website content
Directory submission
Development of links
Blog submission
Optimisation of HTML code
Competitive analysis of websites
Development of Meta tags
PPC submission
Search engine submission

Advertising on the net with CPC & PPC?

So lets analyse CPA, CPC or PPC advertising via Adwords and it costing people £££ per day, well it’s true. Many of my clients have tried this service. Page Impressions – loads, Clicks – from your competitors – loads, Proper sales leads – none. That says it all really. Why do you think they give out free vouchers. Technology advances so do we, and the SEO and website rules of today will change over time. Marketing in Essex aim to become your webcast, website, e-marketing and lead generation partners. Getting your products listed in the top seven of Google’s, Yahoo’s and MSN’s free areas is, probably, the most cost effective marketing there is. Think content, think web hits, and you get websites that actually work in your favour.

Once we have done this Google Adwords, Yahoo and Bing Pay per click advertising becomes more viable for you. Did you know for example that you can target consumers by area IP data and serve your adverts only to the websites viewed by certain groups? So yes you can target females aged 33-45 within a radius of 20 miles from Chelmsford. Locally targetted clicks are cheaper averaging 23p each. So now we have loads of extra traffic hitting your website. 80% of this traffic will be new people who are searching for your product or service. Now have you got something they want to buy? This is the most difficult part of the equation, as in many cases clients do not get their product offerings aligned correctly to market conditions. For example you don’t want to be selling soft top convertible cars in the month before a predicted very cold winter.

There always has to be a downside. we know we’re right as we’ve tried everything in marketing in the past, many other guys will just say what the large media owner expects them to say, but as we work in marketing as professionals, we all know why “Big Digital Media” is sitting on such a huge pile of cash, it’s because they control the world at the moment. The average person will probably risk up to £500 before they find out that PPC from the multitude of global online pay per click advertsing providers is a bad way to spend your valuable marketing budget. Multiply that by 100 million punters you get 50 billion. USD, EUR, GBP currency change hardly matters with these sort of numbers. Then you get all the web and digital advertising teccy guys try to tell you: –  “guys to actually make this work you need to pay a digital consultant” (£40 an hour approx), who will then proceed to waste £50,000 of your money on PPC, or CPC, only to come back to the same conclusion as we did with £500. The problem is because everyone else and their dog are all piling into PPC and CPC, and this has put actual the cost per click cpc through the roof creating a bubble. It’s going to crash eventually.

So by running that simple spreadsheet to monitor your sales/profit performance and verses the cost of your marketing per media type, is really the only way to find out what works marketing-wise for your own products. Price, people, promotion and place have to be brainstormed to get the right product or service to advertise. This involves quite a bit of background work. That’s where we can really help you.

Link your website via blogging

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Permission e-mail marketing

Permission e-mail marketing is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your business products or services via e-mail. Journeys are marketing experts based in the United Kingdom. We provide this service as part of our “marketing special weaponry and tactics”.  How it works: we set up a nicely designed html e-mail template and either forward it to you so you can e-mail it, or we’ll do the whole thing including the e-mailing for you.

What will your potential customers receive?

They will for example receive a nice newsletter with your gripping sales pitch to catch you 0.5 seconds of their elusive attention span so your message escapes immediate deletion. The message you send to your potential customers will get through as they will bother to read this e-mail.

How can a Marketing in Essex package provide this service?

Choose an e-mail template format, or we can design the format for you. We attach your message to the format and then e-mail you the master e-mail template for your own e-mailing. Or we can e-mail it for you: just send us your business mailing list as a CSV or XLS file, then wait for the responses to start coming back.