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Welcome to the Jeep T shirts page

This is our Jeep T shirts department shop window for exciting new products that will be available soon. These include many of the items you see below, but for your car or truck. If you want any of these items below you can buy them here in the Jeep Club shop.

If you’re a long suffering wife, girlfriend or mother of a Jeep driver, here is the place to get something for their birthday.

Memorabilia for your Jeep

Club screen vinyl 75mm. Medium sized car truck style Sticker that goes inside your windscreen. The same size as the UK tax disc. Got a nice tax disc holder, and you paid 15 squid for it? Shame it’s now empty! Thanks to the good old DVLA with their online vehicle tax only from October 2014! So they just saved £30,000,000! You’d think with £500 odd year road tax from all us UK Jeep drivers, they be able to buy their own forest and paper mill to pay for the printing!

Jeep T shirts

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What a con

YET NO its more money going over to the eco-lot to help them buy even more expensive Electric Cars for 40 grand a time! They can’t even go off-road? Also they run from Fossil fuel power anyway so what’s the point? Rant over.

Get a sticker here, protest about high road taxes by continuing to drive a gas guzzling 4×4 after all it’s a free country! Celebrate your JEEP with a Jeep-Club-UK Club Window Sticker. Put one of these stickers on and you’ll fill that tax disc space.

Jeep T shirts

Jeep T shirts general store

Pimping your Jeep?

Look no further and start with our Jeep T shirts memorabilia graphics. Jeep-Club UK have the best stickers, get one today they only have 100 or so, don’t put this off of you’ll be wondering why your Jeep is looking at you feeling sorry for your lack of attention to detail.

Club screen vinyl 55mm x 85mm. Small Oblong Sticker that is to go inside your windscreen. The same size as a bank credit/debit card. They want to make bigger stickers later once we can see how many people want them. With the old Jeepclub UK they had giant ones that went across the back screen. With modern window tints, not sure how we do this, maybe some cut vinyl graphics. They will be ££.

Anyway if you intend to “Go Anywhere” in your JEEP then you need to share that fact OFFLINE with these stickers stuck in your JEEP.

For the people who don’t drive Jeeps they’ll be green with envy as they have to drive on the road in boring boxes and sheds, while we have all the fun!

They’ll not understand why its a “Jeep Thing” so they get no waves, no fun.

We know it’s not an STD as those losers at Urban Dictionary seem to suggest, or even an SUV… like everything else is trying to be these days. It’s a JEEP! Get over it and shout it out people! Buy a sticker!

Going off road?

You’ve maybe just got the windscreen vinyls? They’re nice, discreet and small. Now with they like to make a bit of noise sometimes. So how about some car truck memorabilia visual noise in the form of one of our EXTERNAL STICKERS.

Jeep T shirts

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They work well on all Jeeps whether you have tinted glass or not. They stick on the body as well. The adhesive is permanent so when you put it on it won’t come off without a fight. That’s why the sticker is on the glass.

Jeep T Shirts

To keep memories alive I decided to pay homage to my both my old Jeeps with a low key Jeep T shirts design with an XJ Jeep Cherokee Classic on the front. The T shirt is in Navy blue with white screen print. The Navy blue goes well with blue jeans especially classic levis 501. Available in Medium, Large or Extra Large. XXL and XXXL. Maybe you want one as well?

XJ-Tshirt-navy-blue Jeep T shirts

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We also have navy blue print on to a classic white T shirt in stock.

JKU-white T shirt Jeep T shirts

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Jeep JKU T shirt design

Here is a new Jeep T shirts JK design T shirt which is decent quality “Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton.

Colour is Deep red with dark blue screen print. Will wash OK. Sizes available are Male and are either Large or Extra Large (so far). There will be a range of XJ T shirts coming soon….

so-many Jeep T shirts

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T-Shirt JKU Jeep T shirts

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Metal Lapel Badge

Jeep T shirts memorabilia for those boring occassions when you need to wear a suit. Its 25mm in diameter with a pin clasp. These are the 1st batch so one offs. The latest ones will look more like the pictures with the black background and darker green.

Grey-badge-photo Jeep T shirts

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We decided that after seeing all these political wonks wearing the flag badges, why not have one for Jeep Club UK,

…hell we’re important too! We have 4 variations on this design so far.

Red-badge-photo Jeep T shirts

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Laurence Dunn