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Welcome to the Jeep T shirts page

This is our Jeep T shirts department shop window for exciting new products that are still available as old stock. These include many of the items you see below, but for your JEEP. If you want any of these items below you can buy them, look to the right for products on a laptop, or below on a smartphone.

If you’re a long suffering; friend, wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, father, uncle, aunt, grandparent, or mother of a Jeep driver, here is the place to get something for their; birthday, anniversary or Christmas!

Jeep T Shirts

To keep memories alive I decided to pay homage to my both my old Jeeps with a low key Jeep T shirts design with an XJ Jeep Cherokee Classic on the front. The T shirt is in Navy blue with white screen print. The Navy blue goes well with blue jeans especially classic levis 501. Available in Medium, Large or Extra Large. XXL and XXXL. Maybe you want one as well?

XJ-Tshirt-navy-blue Jeep T shirts

Jeep T shirts general store

We also have navy blue print on to a classic white T shirt in stock.

JKU-white T shirt Jeep T shirts

Jeep T shirts general store

Jeep JKU T shirt design

Here is a new Jeep T shirts JK design T shirt which is decent quality “Fruit of the Loom 100% cotton.

Colour is Deep red with dark blue screen print. Will wash OK. Sizes available are Male and are either Large or Extra Large (so far). There will be a range of XJ T shirts coming soon….

so-many Jeep T shirts

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T-Shirt JKU Jeep T shirts

Jeep T shirts general store

Metal Lapel Badge

Jeep T shirts memorabilia for those boring occassions when you need to wear a suit. Its 25mm in diameter with a pin clasp. These are the 1st batch so one offs. The latest ones will look more like the pictures with the black background and darker green.

Grey-badge-photo Jeep T shirts

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We decided that after seeing all these political wonks wearing the flag badges, why not have one for Jeep Club UK,

…hell we’re important too! We have 4 variations on this design so far.

Red-badge-photo Jeep T shirts

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Laurence Dunn