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Does my Website work? The best simple UK website audit

Confusion for website owners is quite common, as there are so many so called web experts out there on various blogs telling you what you should do. The only difference with our experienced agency service is the fact that its simple and good. You get an hour’s worth of our time for very little. So send us an email, there is no data capture or sign-up.

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Panda facts and figures

Back in June 2011, Google made a groundbreaking decision (Panda) that effectively wiped out a large chunk of the world’s very large Website optimisation IT services sector in one fowl, or foul swoop depending on your allegiances. They changed the web-search algorithms, meaning any spammy looking websites today (post Panda) in the UK will now be getting negative page (SERPs) rankings. This decision was a long time in coming. It means that bona-fide UK business online portals will now get the web-traffic and conversions they deserve and will no longer have to compete with dodgy 10,000 page websites made in low labour-cost countries for many enterprises in Europe.


Blogging and Backlinks checker from an experienced agency

With so much emphasis on blogs at the moment in the experienced agency and marketing community, We felt people were missing a few tricks. This prompted us to run a quick heads up SEO, SSOM, SMM and SEM free audit of potenial customer’s websites. Here are a list of our typical findings, which we’re sure you’ll find quite interesting to learn about. If you are indeed seriously ever expecting to get the full benefits of your reputation, read very carefully and get in contact if you’re confused. The experienced agency office phone number is 01702 714918 ask for Laurence Dunn.

User stories that are commonly missing, here are the 10 things that an experienced agency should test websites for

Not listed on Alexa with any ranking at all; any established business should be ranking at around 10,000,000th globally at least. (Our website is ranking 8,050,000th down from 4,000,000th in the world now as we have now deliberately SEO’d again). The Alexa link is to the right of this text, test your own website there.

No inbound links on Alexa. (Your website has not been crawled properly as no XML or TXT web-page sitemap for your website exists).

Few pages listed by Google (This website you’re on has over 45 page results in Google at the last count, every file or attached document on your website has the possibility to be found by robots, therefore think before you delete your old content!).

Few pages listed by Yahoo (There should be at least some here as Yahoo are usually more generous).

Few pages listed by Bing (Yahoo have now been taken over by Bing this is a Microsoft operation so keep an eye out for this one).

The Keywords in the website are SERPs ranking at the bottom of the 2nd page of Google (rather than positions 3-7 on the 1st page which are above the fold or screen viewable.) More keywords are needed, which in turn means far more relevant pages of content and title tags.

The website has the H1 tags in place, but the H2 and H3 tags seem to be missing. (This means you need these title tags in to get full link juice benefits in your snippets)

There is no Social Marketing interface like a classic blog site, Twitter. (But at least you can add Linkedin, Facebook, maybe Google +1 and YouTube).

No PDFs with live text to download (Easily crawlable content for any Robots to crawl over, but currently not being used, therefore wasted legacy copy effort).

There has been no work done regarding the rel author attribute to ensure that professional scrapers do not copy your website content and get your “link juice”.

The biggest copywriters faux pas found on websites and apps today is: “What we do” takes some beating for being the most lame primary navigation button. Maybe “How we do it” coming in at a close second. Learn how bad things have become after a 16 year glut of anything remotely creative. Writers and many designers have become so hyper-sensitive about keeping their jobs, by playing it safe due to the amount of compliance required in business practises today. It’s going to start to change for the better with us, your new experienced agency.

Tagged PDF files

Many websites today offer literature downloads in the form of PDFs. How many of these PDFs have actually been tagged inside the PDF? Not very many, as its a universally misunderstood feature. This type of tagging is a vital component for Google Universal Search. It relies on your literature actually being set up correctly in he first place. So that TIFF file you just saved as a PDF that looked so sharp and crisp at 1200 dpi, can’t actually be crawled by search robots or crawlers, therefore no snippet generating search terms in there. A wasted opportunity, get an experienced agency.

Plug in website widget

Many good looking websites are in serious need of Optimisation to address the above 10 basic issues. We have a classic experienced agency low cost operation working from a remote office. We work closely with; “business website managers”, marketing departments or website hosting providers as a plug-in rather than a replacement for existing staff. People who design and supply websites have rarely been trained in “online marketing” and that becomes patently obvious when a potential customer’s website is pre-audited for basic performance statistics. By not doing anything, burying your head in the sand, ignoring the metrics and brushing good honest advice from an experienced agency aside, you risk a potential great dis-service to, sales, conversions and the revenue streams that your company website can help generate over the next year.

Act now get an experienced agency as it takes months rather than weeks, but you’ll start see the results in under two weeks.