Professional bulk email marketing with pinpoint targeting of prospects

Keep in regular contact with your customers easily

By using MiE to send regular bulk email marketing updates to customers, a UK industrial business increased it’s annual sales by 75% from 2012 until 2021. MiE defined customers to target using minimal resources and consequently the UK industrial business’s bottom line was seen to improve enough to keep doing the same year on year. MiE planning and identifying client targets is the key followed by analytics to measure the performance.

Email marketing for your segmented sales teams 

What you get from MiE
  • B2B database list of 2000 UK prospects.
  • Designed new template for a direct marketing bulk email campaign.
  • Detailed analytics in the form of a PowerPoint of 14-16 pages containing full performance metrics that your staff or team will easily understand.
  • Follow-up lists with full customer details and phone numbers as a CSV or Excel, for your sales teams to use in the coming years.
  • 100% compliant with the UK ICO data protection act.
  • Supply us a briefing from your team for database type and subject matter. 
Why do this?

Communication via business to business bulk email marketing, gives your company a legitimate cost-effective method to communicate using this marketing tool. A measurable activity thanks to modern digital technology. Combine this with your company social media.

Shows the ease of email marketing

In addition to these learnings from above, MiE can customise, test and hone content. Subsequently your prospective customers interest in your products will have grown more than via normal methods of contact. (Like cold sales phone calls or just knocking on doors). If you never bothered to send these emails, think of the missed opportunities to touch prospects who up to now have bolted their doors to your sales people.

This MiE TOUCH will help your customer relationships to develop quicker and enable steady engagement with customer teams on a regular basis. When you have interesting news to share.

Analytics is the key

MiE tracking of prospects reporting, enables a new lead funnel to be built. Analytics reports also help improve business intelligence records. Analysis helps increase the likelihood of success in future marketing. MiE ensure that your marketing investments only get used on the most successful marketing channels.

Downsides of this channel include

  • Project blockers and the increased use of spam filters by client companies. Preventing your emails from actually reaching a customer.
  • Boring content from your team that does not engage the client in a meaningful way. This can do more damage than good to your brand. Resulting in more unsubscriptions from any future mailings.

Shows the ease of email marketing

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