Email Marketing & Lead Funnel Management

Professional email marketing and advertising

Contact prospective customers easily

Communication via email marketing gives your company a cost effective method and therefore a reason to communicate using this medium. This is a truly measurable activity thanks to modern digital technology.

  • Infographic reports in Powerpoint or PDF are constructed from the key performance metrics that are; recorded, extracted, measured and analysed so that the new data can be studied and shared.
  • In addition to this, learnings from above enable content to be; customised, ab tested, honed and subsequently your prospective customer’s interest in your products will have grown more than via normal methods of contact such as a cold sales phone call. If you had not bothered to do this email, think of the missed opportunity to touch prospects who have their doors bolted to sales people.
  • This touch results in improved contact and enables steady engagement with prospects on a more regular basis. Consequently after sending an email, we can measure the amount of interaction and subscription generated by the email, against how little unsubsciption there was.


Spam test for email marketing

email marketing is not that easy, best call the experts if its that cheap to do


Analytics is the key

The tracking of prospects, enquiries and sales into a lead funnel via this medium is used to create a business intelligence record. This analysis is studied to help increase the likelihood of success in future mailings. We do this to ensure that marketing investment only goes to the most successful content for this marketing channel.

There are some downsides however. Project blockers include the increased use of spam filters by prospects companies, thus preventing your emails from getting through to them. Another key blocker is the increased risk of hacking data via online “Hacktivists”. These bedroom activists can cause you catastrophic downtime and results that undermine the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

A robust IT infrastructure is needed to make this a long term answer to your marketing needs.


Case study – email b2b email marketing and advertising

Challenge – email marketing not really working

An email marketing solution was required for the UK branch of Boll & Kirch (from Germany) called Bollfilter. That solution was needed at minimal cost due to the lack of global facilities. This was going to be one better and one cheaper than Mailchimp and the other web based “pay as you go” systems on offer.

Solution – a custom built email marketing platform

The scoping exercise revealed a number of features that were essential to the solution to be offered. Full project requirements gathering for the set up was completed in under two weeks. A new low cost system that used a CRM database from an ERP system that could be exported to the mailing system was chosen. The rest of this case study is here.