By on 8th April 2015

Chip Foose

The idea has hatched

After seeing Chip Foose in action on Discovery Channel last year we decided it was high time to follow suit. Then a 70 mile-an-hour wind came along on Boxing Day, this put enough; holes, dents, dings and scratches in place, literally kicking the project off a year early, that race to complete was on ….


The catalyst

Creative Room do a fair amount of very creative work and as a creative business we are totally up for the JEEP WK pimping project, if Chip can do custom car graphics …. we can! I’m sure that all the suppliers that we can get to help us on this project are of similar calibre to those guys in California. After a trip to Chambon there was no going back!

To agree colours, we ran a poll on the blog and on Facebook to get some feedback as to what colour scheme to use. We got several options, my first idea was Solar Yellow. Other people said Hugger Orange, but Electric Blue with custom car graphics was the winner.


We then lined up the best custom experts the UK can offer

FTE4x4 from Steve Fagioli – top UK expert in JEEP suspension upgrades

Old Man Emu – for suspension components and major off-road upgrades

Zaheer Mir – for a top paint shop

Cooper Tyres – for good value off-road rubber

4xGuard – for armour plates

Mick Peach – for general up-keep and engine

Just for Jeeps – for dress up accessories

Mopar –  for Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge/Ram OEM parts

Creative Room – for custom car graphics


Offroading and other car custom projects

Laurence Dunn, Creative Room partner is now on his 3rd Jeep. The WH WK Hemi 4 x4 being the latest after couple of XJs that he had from 1998. Before that he’d owned a 74 Camaro 355 cubic inch Street Rod, the first custom car graphics test bed.

Sagaren Pillai, Creative Room partner; Ex ZJ JEEP and TOYOTA FJ Cruiser owner who has spent quite a bit of time off-roading in the middle east, having spent the last 15 years in Saudi, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. (He’s back over in the UAE on a few projects). We do quite a lot of custom car graphics in that area. It’s a bloody nightmare sometimes with the heat and dust storms. Before that Sag had owned a 71 Firebird 400 cubic inch Street Rod.


Jeeps and the Middle East

JK Jeeps tend go down quite well in many Arab countries with the low fuel prices, less popular are the WH and WK models that are the main JEEP custom platforms in our neck of the woods. The US and UK have an excellence of engineering and custom car graphics, but for companies who work in this market SECTOR in the UK, there is already a strong UK infrastructure of both suppliers and their petrol head customers to support this market.

If you are going to customise a JEEP properly then you’re looking at a sum of £10k GBP minimum. Small change to some of our wealthy brothers in the UAE with loads of cash, but then all of these top brand upgrades will reflect their value in their newly pimped vehicles. That means things like custom car graphics need to be of really good quality in case any photographs of the JEEP end up online!


Creating a good image

Think of the custom Creative Room custom JEEP as the brand equivalent of ROUSH, FOOSE, ALPINA, AMG, JOHN COOPER. Those names speak for themselves as far as brand value. Although Creative Room is well known as a design studio for custom car graphics, being established is not enough and we have to punch above our creative weight to play in the big league to attract the big spending customers. That means some slick marketing to put our products and ideas under their noses.

Creative Room JEEP custom car graphics mood board

Jeep-mood-master (1250x880)

The Process has started





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