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As you’ve guessed my name is Laurence Dunn MCIM, a marketing professional with over 42 years experience in making businesses look and sound good. This used to be mainly carried out as literature like a brochure or prospectus. Times have moved on and we now include websites and software applications as the methods to broadcast, contact people and distribute marketing information about your organisation so you are presented in the best possible way.

WK Propshaft

By on 18th April 2019

WK Jeep Information Center Repair

By on 9th March 2019

Center dash console repair kit for worn peeling buttons. Easy repair for WK JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005-08 RESET MENU C/T SWITCH PANEL 56050128AC or 56050093AC Repair Kit. This is a quick fix and will take 10 minutes and save some

Jeep Grand Cherokee Seat Repair WK

By on 9th March 2019

How to repair the seat cushion in a 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee WK for only £75 with real leather. Instead of buying an OEM replacement Grand Cherokee Front Seat Cushion Bottom Cover. The JEEP Part number is 1BF981D5AA, which of

Filtration Protection Steam Turbines

By on 3rd May 2018

Filtration Protection Steam Turbines Control Oil & Lube Oil Systems Filtration Protection Steam Turbines. Peter Brotherhood Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of steam turbines, offering a complete package comprising the turbine, gearbox, generator, instrumentation, control and monitoring systems,

BOLLFILTER UK present our new Fully Automatic Filter aquaBoll®

aquaBoll® from BOLLFILTER

By on 9th March 2018

BOLLFILTER UK present our new Fully Automatic Filter aquaBoll®   After 10 years of carefully consulting with Water Treatment and Sewage Plant operators, followed by 5 years of intensive product development, rigorous testing, patenting and finally global certification by 40

Jeep Grand Wagoneer or ZJ Woodie

By on 1st June 2017

Jeep Grand Wagoneer or ZJ Woody A car or SUV trimmed with fake wood like the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ woodie is the ultimate Americana statement of automotive style. If any other country did this it just wouldn’t be the

jeep cherokee 60th anniversary


By on 28th February 2017

The JEEP CHEROKEE 60th anniversary The JEEP CHEROKEE 60th anniversary was only made in very small numbers in the last year of XJ production in 2001. There were only 5,157 of these classic Cherokee XJ’s built. (2,379 Black and 2,778

seal gas particle filter coalescer

By on 6th February 2017

MAN Turbo Hydrogen Gas Turbocompressor for Dry Gas Sealing System When it comes to the operating safety of its plant and machine units, MAN Turbo AG, one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of turbo-machinery relies on BOLLFILTER for its seal gas