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Advertising Marketing Southend with our Graphic Studio

Our Graphic Studio is for anyone who needs professional artwork produced for advertising marketing in Southend. This can be for either your print or your website. We can provide anything from Apps to Adobe Creative Suite files. Print optimised CMYK Acrobat PDF files for print media. Animated GIF files for email and websites.

Are you doing this sort of thing?

We can use your MS Publisher files to work with. Then you can use them in the future on your Windows PC. We can create nice photo montages of your products as TIFF, PNG or HiRes JPEG files.

We can develop your for email templates in various applications like Acyba, Mailchimp even with Adobe Flash SWF files if required.

Doing Outdoor? We can work with your Adobe Illustrator files.

Need a retouch? We use Photoshop.

Can’t afford that? We use MS Picture Manager for easy photo manipulations.



For business documentation we can work with Adobe Acrobat, MS Word, MS Publisher, Adobe Indesign and MS Powerpoint. Graphic Studio supplies can include all of the following items. Company brochures, magazine/online advertisements, website graphics and email templates.


For moving image work we start with animated GIFs. We then move on to Flash Movies. For the Vimeo or YouTube video, MOV, WMV, MPEG2 or MPEG4 movies. Cost effective for marketing your business products or services via your website or social media. Finally for sound we are using Logic Pro for the creation of WAV, AIFF & MPEG 3 stereo sound files.


Laurence Dunn MCIM

You have to adapt to the market

You have a small business. You have to adapt to the market. I learned the hard way and it has lost me over £100,000 of my own money. There is no silver bullet. It’s just hard work and logic, with a little luck and help from your rich friends, people in positions of power and influence with whom you get on well with. Or maybe just rich relatives. Post 2008 forget your bank, the banks have lost credibility. If a bank does lend you money, you’ll then wish they hadn’t later when they threaten to pull the plug on your venture. Maybe something happened that was not foreseen in your business plan like a war. Bad idea as the banks will get bailed out and your company won’t. It’s better to have a little bit of your money as it will go much farther.

So that’s where I traditionally start the approach for any marketing task. Reality and the inside of your world. Organic growth that is funded by profits rather than borrowings. Laurence Dunn “bolt on marketing manager” MCIM is able to come to your offices daily and prepared to work part-time and odd hours should the need arise. Have a look at my brochures. Your local MCIM Marketing Consultant and expert based in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. I also cover: Advertising – Marketing and graphic design in Southend, Rayleigh, Basildon, Wickford, Rochford, Chelmsford, Canvey, Colchester, Maldon, South Woodham and Brentwood. So before you spend another £100 on advertising or marketing in the Southend area, with Google Adwords or Yell, take a cold hard look at the real costs and return on investment.

Talk to me and look at the other options before you spend money that could be wasted.

Getting marketing campaigns prepared for businesses

Definition documents, taxonomy, swot analysis, mind maps, marketing strategy, lead funnel, sales pipeline, benefits realisation decision frameworks, segmentation, customer profiling, user journeys, arrays, competitor analysis, media scanning, technical specifications, performance reporting, fast track planning & implementation, business hierarchy, media planning, campaign process and data manipulation.

Fast track planning & implementation of marketing projects

Once we have these basics we can put some numbers into plans and define the rules part. We can create and implement a marketing plan that dovetails with your central business plan. We tend to use tools like. Google Docs, AdWords and Analytics, BRAD, Agile Scrum, Waterfall Prince 2, Hitwise, Alexa, Basecamp plus Pen & Paper. Each system come’s with its own methodology or set of rules, which we tend to follow closely, otherwise you tend to get into a nasty mess. The systems are all supposed to be formulated to improve efficiency.

We however believe that hybrid systems work better. Google Docs is streamlining of online collaboration with remote project partners. Plus Analytics for speed of graphing and reporting for SEO work. Agile is the cutting down of unnecessary discussions and documentation to enable faster lead times. Everyone like’s this. Pen and paper is sometimes the answer, you may just need to talk face to face and write things down and draw pictures to speed the process of unravelling misunderstood ideas.

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Segmentation for Marketing Planning for businesses

So when advertising marketing southend is on the agenda, having worked in every media channel you can imagine since 1988 having moved from industrial printing into marketing advertising and graphic design, it’s all in my Credentials, I have to be the obvious choice. But direct marketing is also very strong for me. One of my key areas of experience is mainly concerned with Analytics and Behavioural data. This data has to be processed very carefully to extract the information required based on the particular need at the time. Such as User Stories or Advertising Performance for advertising marketing southend. These 2 things tend to drive any marketing strategy.


Future trends v past performance of marketing SME businesses

SEO is a strong area for me although the actual meaning of this is Search Optimisation if you add traditional media to the equation. ROI (Return on Investment) becomes obvious with increased relevant web traffic. The large increase of back links and reputation of the websites in general. I’m also able to monitor ROI any websites performance using free online tools. A low ROI generally seen with this type of work in the short term, but in the long term it snowballs.

A good example of project that I worked on in 2011. The new website for REGUS where SEO has shown to have worked for the long term. Email marketing is on the way out as it has a SPAM issues start to become ever onerous. But I still think email markering has a place in the mix. I’ve project managed and been part of large cross functional teams on many marketing communication projects. So a strong area for me, but ROI has always been lower than expected as the level of internet trust has gradually reduced over the last 5 years thanks to phishing and scammers.

Still we carry on advertising marketing southend and we continually draw from our roots. Mine are firmly embedded from my days at the same college as Neville Brody the LCP in London and the university of life from the Goldmine and Billy’s.

Laurence Dunn MCIM Director