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WK Jeep Information Center Repair

By on 9th March 2019

Center dash console repair kit for worn peeling buttons. Easy repair for WK JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE 2005-08 RESET MENU C/T SWITCH PANEL 56050128AC or 56050093AC Repair Kit. This is a quick fix and will take 10 minutes and save some

Jeep Grand Wagoneer or ZJ Woodie

By on 1st June 2017

Jeep Grand Wagoneer or ZJ Woody A car or SUV trimmed with fake wood like the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ woodie is the ultimate Americana statement of automotive style. If any other country did this it just wouldn’t be the

jeep cherokee 60th anniversary


By on 28th February 2017

The JEEP CHEROKEE 60th anniversary The JEEP CHEROKEE 60th anniversary was only made in very small numbers in the last year of XJ production in 2001. There were only 5,157 of these classic Cherokee XJ’s built. (2,379 Black and 2,778

custom car graphics

By on 8th April 2015

Chip Foose The idea has hatched After seeing Chip Foose in action on Discovery Channel last year we decided it was high time to follow suit. Then a 70 mile-an-hour wind came along on Boxing Day, this put enough; holes,

Jeep 5.7 HEMI Grand Cherokee Limited 2005

By on 18th February 2015

Jeep 5.7 HEMI Grand Cherokee 2005 WK WH Keeping the Jeep 5.7 HEMI on the road and off-road Here is a record of my WK Jeep 5.7 HEMI and its maintenance since day 1. Me photographed with my 1998 ZJ