Printed Business Cards

Ultra nice printed business cards

Help to land better business deals for your company with printed business cards. Many people browse the internet to find the “best website deal” they can. This can be for any insurance, a new or used car, a new book or DVD, a holiday, or maybe to buy new shoes and clothing. For cheap flights people gravitate towards; Easyjet, Flybe or Ryanair. When you need to look for a very cheap new car it has to be; Autotrader, eBay or Loot. Generally interested in very cheap clothing? Take yourself to the Primark website and check how low they can go. For cheap music CDs and DVDs try the Amazon marketplace.

printed business cards. You want to get cards for marketing to promote yourself

Marketing to promote yourself

Printed business cards for all

Whether you’re a car dealer, a builder or an accountant, people will still ask you for a business card. But when you want to get cards that can be used for your own advertising, you won’t find our web page on Google. We simply refuse to waste our money paying for expensive and unnecessary advertising to promote our great product. That way we can keep the prices lower.

Business cards for estate agents and photographers

Even David Titlow ex 80s pop star from Blue Mercedes uses Marketing in Essex, so do Jeep Club.

Printing in digital, lithographic, screen process, laser or inkjet

If you need specific help from Marketing in Essex, then please click this page to see our service. It’s all there for you. If still can’t find the additional information you need regarding our services & products, then please make sure you give us the following information here.

Ecological awareness

This is proving quite popular at the moment. Everyone seems to want to see an environmental policy.


Versions via localisation

Different markets and groups will require different card versions of varying quantity, with their locally translated text. The pagination will largely be the same apart from mechanical differences with the artwork set ups.

Mechanics & Dummies

Also we need to tackle the legal sensibilities of each market.

Artwork & Proofing set-up

This will be co-coordinated centrally by the UK office. The local versions will be PDF proofed.

Quotation and Timeplan

The prices will vary up and down according to the quantity per market and the number of different versions needed, treating this project as one large job with an extra cost for shipping per market. Fully leveraging the economies of scale.