Native App for iOS, Android or Windows

Native App for iOS, Android or Windows

By on 15th October 2015

What is a Native App?

Apps or Applications are nothing new, they’ve been around since computers have been in existence. The key requirement of a good native app or application is to make the computer or device function in the way you the user wants it to.

Why do you need to make a Native App?

In the case of a company you may have a brilliant website. You may have brilliant world leading staff with the best technical expertise and product knowledge about your widgets. The company may have world beating products and services. All of this product information is usually disseminated by the company online via several hundred technical documents which can only be found if you have a few hours to spare. Sadly in our fast moving 24-7-365 world most busy people do not have the luxury of time to endlessly browse for the bits of information they need.

Who needs robots when humans are the customers?

An app would make this task simpler for your Company by offering a shorter route to that nugget of information, without getting Google involved. Crucially the Internet is not always available, so your “company app” would work offline without the need for the internet except for updates and contact us for assistance. It is information when you need it, when you’re off grid. So when you decide it is time to put most of the information that people want into one small piece of Software called the “Your Company APP” with a strap line that is going to be “company in your pocket”. This can be made for your iPhone or iPad and later you could produce Android and Windows versions of the App.

Finding a Project Manager to manage this process for you

Laurence Dunn has the necessary experience for projects such as this. See his credentials if you have a similar need in the future.

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